Bonus Stage (Donkey Kong 3: Dai Gyakushū)

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A Bonus Stage in the NEC PC-8801 series version

Bonus Stages in Donkey Kong 3: Dai Gyakushū are stages that appear after five stages are completed. Unlike normal stages, Bonus Stages have no background and Donkey Kong does not appear; the player has to instead defeat a group of Buzzbees, the only enemies in Bonus Stages, under a time limit. Unlike in regular stages, they are harmless and do not shoot darts. If all Buzzbees/Super Bees are defeated under the time limit, the player obtains a certain number of points. If time runs out before all enemies are defeated, the player receives no bonus.

The time limit and number of points given changes depending on the number of stages completed:

  • After Stage 5: 200 time units and 5000 points
  • After Stage 10: 150 time units and 7500 points
  • After Stage 15: 100 time units and 10000 points
  • After Stage 20: 70 time units and 15000 points
  • After Stage 25 and onwards: 50 time units and 20000 points