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Gold Tokens

The amiibo Token is a special type of item which appears only in amiibo Party, a special mode of Mario Party 10. It can be obtained by the Human player on any board by putting an amiibo figure on the NFC scanner of the GamePad. To use the Token, the player must put their figure on the scanner at the start of the round. At the end of the game, new tokens which have been used during the match will be saved for the amiibo. Then the player will be able to equip one of the unlocked tokens at the start of the next amiibo Party.

Only one token can be stored in the amiibo during the game. If a new token is obtained, it will replace the previous one. There are 23 tokens in the whole amiibo Party, and they are divided into four groups: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Board Tokens.

Bronze Tokens[edit]

  • Mario Jump*: Changes the player’s movement sound into jump from New Super Mario Bros. U.
  • Luigi Jump*: The player’s figure jumps now higher and slower.
  • P Switch**: Changes the minigame which is about to be played.
  • Bowser Jr.: Bowser Jr. skips the player’s current turn, and the space they’re standing on will be triggered again.
  • Plus 1: Adds 1 more point to the player’s Dice Block roll.
  • Dice Block: Allows the player to use the coincident special Dice Block instantly:
    • 1-2-3 Dice Block: Roll from 1 to 3 only.
    • 4-5-6 Dice Block: Roll from 4 to 6 only.
    • Reverse Dice Block: Allows the player to move in the opposite direction.
    • Slow Dice Block: This Dice Block rolls slowly from 1 to 6, so the player can control it and roll the number they want.
    • Double Dice Block: The player can roll 2 1-6 Dice Blocks at once.
  • Bronze*: Amiibo becomes bronze-plated for the entire game. This token will be unlocked if all Bronze Tokens unlock.

Silver Tokens[edit]

  • POW Block: The player steals the small amount of coins from all of their opponents.
  • Pipe: All players switch places.
  • ? Block**: All coins that the player wins in this minigame will be doubled.
  • Bowser Space: The player moves forward to the closest Bowser Space instead of rolling the Dice Block. They still can collect Stars and trigger an event in the upper left corner.
  • Plus 5: Adds 5 more points to the player’s Dice Block roll.
  • Silver*: Amiibo becomes silver-plated for the entire game. This token will be unlocked if all Silver Tokens unlock.

Gold Tokens[edit]

  • Dash Special: The player can roll 5 1-6 Dice Blocks at once.
  • Reverse Special: The player can roll 5 Reverse Dice Blocks at once.
  • Jump Special: The player jumps to the location where they can instantly grab a Star after rolling the Dice Block.
  • Coin Special: 3 coins appear on each space instead of ones which are occupied by Star or a player. After the player’s movement, all coins on the board disappear.
  • Star Special: A Star/2 Stars appear(s) on each Coin Space. After the player’s movement, all stars on the board except on one space disappear.
  • Gold*: Amiibo becomes gold-plated for the entire game. This token will be unlocked if all Gold Tokens unlock.


* means this token’s ability is cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay.
** means this token can be used during the minigame description.

Board Tokens[edit]

At the start of the game, instead of placing an amiibo on the NFC sensor and choosing the whole board style, unlocked Board Tokens from the amiibo used in the game can be used to set the board in parts. Also, during the game, if a Board Token is collected, it can be used to randomly select the corner of the board to be replaced by the one with the style shown on the Token. There are 10 Board Tokens: