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Platformer World
World C
World C TLL.png
Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Levels 4
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World C is the fourth secret world that was first featured in the game Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. After clearing this world, the player will gain access to the final world in the game, which is World D.

Level Information[edit]

Level Preview Description
World C-1 World C-1.PNG This nighttime overworld level (which is snowy in All-Stars) mostly has Piranha Plants and Green Paratroopas. There's a warp pipe that leads to a staircase made of blocks with coins. There's also two Poison Mushrooms on this stage so Mario and Luigi needs to watch out.
World C-2 World C-2.PNG This stage mostly contains bridges and mushrooms-like platforms. There are dangers from above and below with jumping Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers, and off-screen Bullet Bills. This stage has only one ? Block and no Brick Blocks or Warp Pipes.
World C-3 World C-3.PNG This stage has treetop-like platforms and springs. The only enemies here are Lakitu (with Spinies) and both red and green Koopa Paratroopas. There is also a strong wind in this stage that blows against the player. This wind can blow the player right off the stage.
World C-4 World 1-4.PNG This level is exactly the same as World 7-4, except for that a few more Fire Bars have been added. The Koopa Troopas and Buzzy Beetles also move at a faster speed in All-Stars. Another change is the addition of some blocks that appear near two sets of clockwise-moving Fire Bars. The blocks are obviously there to make it harder for Mario or Luigi to get past the Fire Bars unscathed. The fireball-spitting Bowser Impostor is really a Buzzy Beetle in the original FCD version, but in All-Stars, it's a Bullet Bill who throws hammers.

Level maps[edit]

The Lost Levels[edit]