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1-Up Mushroom
  • The 1-Up Mushroom (pictured) was the first extra life-granting item in video game history.
  • Artwork from Mario Kart 8 depicts Baby Luigi getting sprayed in the face with ink from a Blooper, possibly referencing Mario Kart DS artwork of his adult counterpart also getting sprayed by a Blooper.
  • Almost all locations and even some species of the Beanbean Kingdom are named after onomatopoeia, mainly of different laughter-themed sounds.
  • Wet-Dry World from Super Mario 64 was used in a Got Milk? commercial in the late 1990s. Mario, who is unable to jump onto a platform in the first area, breaks through the screen, through a series of events winds up in a refrigerator, drinks some milk, becomes super-sized, and starts walking on the top of the level. However, the level shown in the commercial differs from the one in-game in that the sky is bright blue instead of dark.
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