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  • Parakarry (pictured) is currently the only one of Mario's partners to appear in all four Paper Mario games, whether it's an appearance, cameo, or mention.
  • The 1993 Nintendo Character Guide classifies Mario's species as homo[sic] nintendonus.
  • All 6 original playable characters in Mario Party and Mario Party 2 have appeared in the Super Smash Bros. games as playable characters.
  • Shortly after the launch of Mario Party 8 in the United Kingdom, the game was withdrawn from shelves because of the line, "Magikoopa Magic! Turn the train spastic! Make this ticket tragic!" The term "spastic," while regarded as benign in parts of the English-speaking world, is considered highly offensive in the United Kingdom. New copies of the game with the word "erratic" replacing "spastic" were released on 3rd August 2007.
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