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A Kasplat.

Kasplats are enemies that only appear in Donkey Kong 64. They are very similar to Krushas, and the two are often confused for each other (primarily because of an error in Prima's Donkey Kong 64 strategy guide). They act very tough, but are shown to be quite cowardly at times, especially when dealing with their leader, King K. Rool. One Kasplat apparently ended up being executed by K. Rool via one of his pets when, while fleeing, he made the mistake of insulting K. Rool in earshot of him (he was listening in through the walls).

A Kasplat, blasting Donkey Kong with its shockwaves.

Kasplats usually attack by slamming the ground, unleashing an energy shockwave, but can also punch for close combat. If defeated, a Kasplat will yield a color-coded Blueprint. The Kasplat's hair will show what color blueprint he is carrying, as well as the shockwave (however, once the blueprint has been collected, its hair turns white, but the shock wave will remain the same color as before). Although Kasplats can be quite resilient to most attacks, they can be defeated by fighting them directly, throwing exploding oranges (five hits), and using any shooter. Also, Kasplats are easily defeated by a single shock wave attack, along with playing musical instruments.

They are shown to sometimes say their name when left idle.

Five appear in every level of the game, except for Hideout Helm, in which fewer Kasplats appear. They also appear in Multiplayer Mode as an enemy. They have hair, a trait that many Kremlings lack, even being the only male Kremlings with hair. In Multiplayer Mode, their attack can occasionally be used by a Kong by collecting a question mark or an Orange.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カスプラット[1]


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