The 'Shroom:Issue XLVI/Brawl Tactics

Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

What’s up, Brawlers? This month I will be doing the stage Lylat Cruise!

Lylat Cruise is a ship from Star Fox. If you’ve ever looked at it from the side angle in Brawl, you know that it’s HUGE. So I don’t get why there’s such a small space to fight on.

Anyways, any battle on this stage takes place as the ship is flying through space. If you’re playing as Fox, Falco, or Wolf, you can get a conversation started with a taunt, like Solid Snake’s. Wolf is the easiest to do this with, in my opinion, with Falco right behind him. You have to wait for them to finish the whole taunt, so teaming up with another player is a good idea if you want to get it started. Your partner will have your back and you can finish it.

This stage is a bad one for items like Pokeballs and Assist Trophies, because they bounce after landing, and on this stage, the ship tilts around as it’s flying, so most items will fall right off. If you can grab something, throw Pokeballs in the middle of the stage to give the Pokemon enough room to move around, and if you can, keep the Assist Trophies away from the edge.

It’s easy to knock your opponents off, since the stage is so small, but Final Smashes are a different proposition. Characters like Luigi and King Dedede don’t have to aim, so try to keep them as close to the side as possible. Characters that have to aim, like Link or Zelda, have to combat the motion of the ship so they don’t miss. Try to get your opponent in the center and then hit them. Characters like Marth that have to move with their Final Smash should stay away from the edges. Go from one end of the ship to the other so Marth has enough room to stop if he misses. Not surprisingly, the StarFox characters have the advantage here, because with so little room on the stage, it makes it easy for them to overwhelm their opponent with their Landmaster. Just make sure you don’t drive it too far off the side. It’s a short way down.

That’s all for this month, Brawlers! Hope this inspires you to take a trip on the Lylat Cruise!