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Opening Statement

by Superchao (talk)

Hey there, 'Shroom readers! Welcome to the last issue of this year, the Special Holiday Issue! As usual, I'll be putting up the sections over the next couple hours, so stick around to read them - I'm sure you'll enjoy everything we have to show!

Most importantly, the Director Election is this month, for the person who will run the 'Shroom in 2015! We also have the End of Year Awards, a variety of Special Sections, and our usual assortment of subteams. Here's the schedule for the release of the issue!

Time (EST) Section
3:00:00 PM Opening Statement
3:05:00 PM Section of the Month
3:10:00 PM 'Shroom Spotlight
3:15:00 PM
3:20:00 PM Fake News
3:25:00 PM Fun Stuff
3:30:00 PM Palette Swap
3:35:00 PM Pipe Plaza
3:40:00 PM Critic Corner
3:45:00 PM
3:50:00 PM Retro Feature
3:55:00 PM Interview
4:00:00 PM
4:05:00 PM
4:10:00 PM
4:15:00 PM Special Section
4:20:00 PM Special Section
4:25:00 PM Special Section
4:30:00 PM Special Section
4:35:00 PM
4:40:00 PM Director Election
4:45:00 PM
4:50:00 PM End of Year Awards
4:55:00 PM
5:00:00 PM Closing Statement

Now, I hope you enjoy the issue! Make sure to stick around until the end, and be sure to read the whole 'Shroom while you wait!

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