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Updated Info

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Update

  • The level “Space Colony ARK” will appear also the old, old, old, 51 year old, Biolizard guy appears. He will eat you. It is speculated that the Colony will crash into the Olympic stadium. And that biolizard will be a boss.
  • Tikal will be a playable character, she will be a strength character also Big the Cat will appear as a speedy character.

Mario, Santa Mario

Mario handing out presents.

Recently Mario has brought HUGE presents for his good buddies Kirby & Pikachu. This however brought up many, many rumors. How did Mario buy the $70,000,000,000 Coins worth of presents? We did know that Price Peasly made a huge bet with Mario over the Beanstar (that Mario won) but even that would only cover a small fraction of the cost.

Hotel Delfino
Mario during his first visit to the Casino.

However it is known that Mario made a trip to the Hotel Delfino Casino, twice to be infact. Mario is also seen leaving and entering the Hotel many times. Another spotting of Mario at a Casino is Grate Guy's Casino a secret Casino where Mario might be playing poker. These rumors have brought up this statement by Mario.

“It's-a me, Mario!” – Mario

After that statement Mario left, leaving our investigation on hold, we will update you on our situation frequently.

Local News

Section will be up in a day or two, or three, or four, or five….or….


Super Waluigi World


Super Waluigi World(Or Supa Warudo no Waruiji, meaning Super World of Waluigi in japan) is a recently announced game for the Nintendo DS starring Waluigi, it is suppose to be released on August 12th 2008.


Basically just another action adventure platformer game, but with a few added twists. In this game the Player will use the Stylus to arrange items and attacks on the bottom screen to be used on the buttons.


Call now, We’re the Best!

One day when Waluigi was walking in the forest looking for treasure he had heard was buried there, when he encountered an old man guarding a treasure chest. But he man wouldn't let Waluigi get to it, because it "Contained forbidden knowledge", however Waluigi insisted that he open it. So he shoved the old man aside, and was about to open the chest, but the old man stood up, and cast a spell on Waluigi that he could no longer use his arms or legs, however Waluigi managed to get away and found a magic wand hidden somewhere in the forest, after touching it he found he could use it to control his arms and legs again, and haunt down the treasures that are hidden in the forest.


  • World 1: Slime Village
    • Description: A village area inhabited by slimy creatures similar to Lemon Drops.
    • Boss: King Orange Peel
      • King Orange Peel is a large orange thats fallen apart, and has a face inside of it, most of the time it will have its face covered by the peel, but sometimes he will open up to breathe, when he does this you need to throw a Bob-Omb inside him. After 6 hits he will be defeated and Waluigi will gain the first treasure, the Slimy Crystal.
  • World 2: Coco Valley
    • Description: A large valley made of black, chocolate-looking rocks, the area is inhabited by Koopa Troopas.
    • Boss: Miss Chocolate
      • A spoiled little girl who lives in Chocolate Castle a huge castle made of Chocolate. She is impossible do beat with normal attacks because she will always dodge, so you need to hit the Chocolate seiling with a Bob-Omb and make it fall on her, she is beaten after 10 hits. After beating here Waluigi will obtain the second treasure, the Chocolate Brick.
  • World 3: Banana Beach
    • Description: A beach area, filled with tropical fruit trees, and sand castles.
    • Boss: Frooty Tooty
      • An evil Fruit tree. It will come up and down out of the ground a lot, trying to attack, your only chance to beat it is to grab it while it comes up, then hit it with a Bob-Omb or a Coconut. After beating him you will get the third Treasure, the Surfing Trophy.
  • World 4: Haunted Hideaway
    • Description: The whole world takes place inside a haunted mansion on the hill side.
    • Boss: Mister Mask
      • A giant old ghost who wears a large mask. To beat him the Player needs to throw Bob-Ombs into large jars that he will hide in sometimes, but if you throw it in the wrong jar, only the jar will explode, and the pieces will hurt Waluigi. After beating him Waluigi will get the fourth Treasure, the Scary Jar.
  • World 5: Robot Ruins
    • Description: An old lab filled with robots that have been in stand-by mode for years, awakening to attack Waluigi.
    • Boss: Error
      • A small rusty robot, it will walk very slowly towards Waluigi, then suddenly dash at Waluigi extremely fast. To beat him Waluigi need to push him into a bunch of gears on the wall which will smash him up(more then he already is smashed up), it takes 4 hits to beat him. After beating him Waluigi will get the fifth Treasure, the Golden Keyboard.
  • World 6: Crazy Castle
    • Description: An old Castle filled with Magma and Spikes.
    • Boss: The Minister
      • The same old man that cursed Waluigi at the beginning of the game. In the first part of the battle, Waluigi will need to simply throw Bob-Ombs at him while he flies around the room throwing rings of energy at Waluigi. During the second part of the battle, Waluigi will need to push large boxes on top oh The Minister, and while he's covered up push the boxes of the edge of the platform. During the final part of the battle Waluigi will need to destory all the bricks that make up the platform to make The Minister fall off. After beating this battle Waluigi will get the final Treasure, the De-Curse Potion, which lets him get his arms and legs back under control(Unlocking the Button Mode where you play without the stylus).

Other Features

  • Multiplayer
    • In Multiplayer, one player is Waluigi and the other is Wario, both need to race to the end of the level.
  • Music Mode
    • Play music, faster and slower by spinning the disc with the Stylus.

Interview of the Month

Fake News Interview: Elder Princess Shroob

Visit the MC Factory today!

3D: Hidey ho and welcome to the THIRD Fake News Intervew starring, this month, your favorite 'Shroom-headed alien princess!
Princess Shroob: $u&890@$89^%&#9^!(#@%!
3D: Turn on the translator, if you don't mind.
Princess Shroob: Translator piece junk are being.
3D: Well, I suppose we can't excpect all interviewees to have perfect grammar... tell me, why did you attempt a hostile takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom?
Princess Shroob: Spread Galactic-Being-Well feeling to planets near, far.
3D: Then why did this Galactic Feeling of Well-Being inculde massacring many native Mushroom Planet Inhabitants?
Princess Shroob: Feeling of Galactic-Being-Well only refer to us.
3D: Well, I suppose that can be a problem for anyone in your way... have you conquered any other civilizations?
Princess Shroob: We try to take over planet of creatures Klingons called. It not go so well.
3D: We noticed back in M&L:PiT that you seem to have an ability to make clones of Mushroom Kingdom creatures.
Princess Shroob: Yes, that did we. Though, large dinosaur purple experiments failed did... shipped it to far-away planet did we.

*Meanwhile, on Earth...*

Barney: I hate you, you hate me, let's give you an lobotomy...

*Cut back to interview*

3D: You seem to have some great technology.
Princess Shroob: Strange creatures on spacehip huge-big give us good items which we use. (See Interview #1: Axem Rangers)
3D: Do you remember any of you fight with the Mario Bros.?
Princess Shroob: Those hairy evil interlopers lucky were. NONE US DEFEAT CAN!
3D: But they did defeat you.
Princess Shroob: They not did.
3D: They did too.
Princess Shroob: YOU ARGUING WITH ME ARE?!
3D: Uh, no.
Princess Shroob: I let them defeat me merely ruse being... I WILL RISE UP AGAIN!
3D: YOu mean when you posessed Bowser?
Princess Shroob: Yes.
3D: But they still defeated you.
Princess Shroob: I WILL AVENGE!
3D: I guess that's all the answer I get. (These ugly extraterrestrial creeps...)
Princess Shroob: What you say?
3D: I merely said to myself that I am lucky to have such "lovely beautiful dream queens" to interview. For my last question, what are your plans for the future?
Princess Shroob: TO ENSLAVE GALAXY!
3D: I should've seen that coming. (These fanatical minds...)
Princess Shroob: You say what again?
3D: I said, we're, uh, "kinda short for time", so let's wrap this up! This has been 3D, for the Fake News!

Travel Guide

Yold Town

Come one, come all, to the one and only Yold Town! This delightfully dilapidated (Y)old town is situated in the middle of scenic Nowhere, Lineland! Attractions include the daily squabbling of Red and Green, the bridgekeepers, along with their seldom seen cousin, Blue!1 Stroll down the casual two-screen path, but don’t stray too far, or you may end up in Yold Desert! Don’t worry, though. Our friendly rescue helicopters are free to rescue hapless stragglers who wander into the desert.2

There’s plenty to do here, such as counting the bricks on old man Watchitt’s house (don’t forget to subtract the one he throws at you!) or admiring the laundry strung out to dry, but it by some chance you get bored, you can try your hand at solving some of the math problems that inexplicably show up in the sky from time to time. If you can solve the answer, you’ll get your name on a plaque on display for all of Yold Townians to see!3

Our spacious and luxurious hotel features all the most high-tech amenities such as walls, windows, beds, and even indoor plumbing! All for just 40 coins a night! Not satisfied? Upgrade to the 3-D room for just (14 payments of) 50 coins!4 This room even includes iron bars on the window! It’s all the comforts of prison!

So what are you waiting for?! Call and make a reservation at 1-800-OLD100 and book an unforgettable vacation today! Due to corporate laws, we are unable to maintain and operate a website or operate our telephones between the hours of 3AM and 2AM or for more than 5 minutes between 2AM and 3AM. Please call during the specified time.

Remember, the Golden Oldies can still turn into the Iron Yoldies!

1. Subject to availability and whether the performers like you or not. Blue’s availability subject to the creation of an interdimensional rift. 2. Subject to rain, snow, sleet, sun, cloud, wind, sand, and worker sleepiness conditions. 3. Also subject to availability. Plaque may be crayon on paper. 43-D room does not include amenities.