The 'Shroom:Issue LIX/Fading Into Obscurity

Fading Into Obscurity

by Marioguy1 (talk)
Wario's pet hen from Wario Land II
Wario x Hen?

Hello everybody!

Welcome to the February issue of Fading into Obscurity! February is the month of love, and love is seen a lot (*snicker*) in the Mario series; Mario and Peach, Luigi and Daisy, Yoshi and Birdo (OTP <3) and of course, Wario and Hen.



Hen is a character in Wario Land II, from 1998. In that game, she is Wario's pet chicken. Hen is scared by the Black Sugar Pirates as they steal Wario's treasure and she flees. Wario, in an act of love only seen in Shakespearean love stories, sacrifices his treasure to save his pet Hen. He fights his way across his lawn and gets Hen back, putting her in her nest where she lays an egg.

Hen appears once more in 2002 for a Game & Watch Gallery game, but other than that, she has no more appearances. I'm sure Wario would be devastated to know this, but Hen has faded into obscurity.