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Fan Game

by Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

Wiki Adventures
Working Title

You might know this and yes you know this: I’m making a Mario Wiki fan game! Old news eh?

Well the game is near it's cancellation. See bottom for more news.

Note that now, not every user is going to get his own level. At least six users will.

Information: System: Computer
Company: Mario Wiki
Rating: RP
Release Date: 2007

About the Game

Playable Characters

  • Paper Jorge
  • Wayoshi
  • Knife
  • 3dejong
  • PeteyPiranhaLover
  • Ultimatetoad
  • Yoshi Mastar
  • WarioLoaf
  • Yoshi626
  • Monty Mole
  • Parayoshi
  • Sir Grodus
  • Maxlover2
  • Dry Bones
  • Aipom
  • YellowYoshi (he is now in!)


  • Gofer (In poster)
  • Plumber (Seen once in the game)
  • Beanbean (Very short mention)
  • Fg (was once going to appear as Albatoss, but now only gets a cameo)


  • User Café: A café that once belonged to Spike, however when he was renamed Knife he quit.
  • Shroom Lands: Gardens that have a few plants…and are actually giant Mushrooms (like in Little Fungi Town).
  • Casino: Casino that contains a cameo of Peek-a (from Paper Mario 2).
  • Ultimate Shop: Ultimatetoad and Ultimatetoadette’s shop.
  • There may be more


The game is NOT canceled right now. To stop it from cancel, I need a good Gamemaker user(s) who can help me. Email me (at Superluigi821@aim) and tell me if you wanna work with me with making the game. Dry Bones (talk) is already helping, but I need more!

I will send you a sprite sheet of various characters who are going to appear in the game. We will work as a team creating the game.

Things needed to be fixed:

  1. Bugs. Bugs. Bugs. And bugs.
  2. Trollers

And various things. Note that Monty Mole's level is currently being remade.

In the next issue...

Will we finally get to see more screenshots? Will we see the giant sprite sheet I've been hiding? Will we play the demo?

Find out next issue!