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Ask Nintendo 64 Characters

by Count Bonsula (talk)

Bonsula : Hello everybody! Welcome to the first and only audition of “Ask Nintendo 64 Characters”! I know, very creative title, isn’t it? Anyway, I’m sure every single one of you know what a Nintendo 64 is. It was one of the most successful consoles in history of paradox space gaming. Without further ado, I give you our two guests, Banjo and Kazoo-

Shroom 64 001.jpg

. Bonsula: (Hey Barney cut to commercials, now!)
Barney:(Yes, sir.)

Shroom 64 002.jpg

Bonsula:Sorry about that everyone. As I was saying, I give you, Banjo and Kazooie!

Shroom 64 003.jpg

Bonsula:Hello there you two! How are you doing?
Kazooie: Better than you, smellyfangs.
Banjo: Kazooie! We’re doing great, Mr. Skullvampire.
Bonsula: So why don’t you tell us about your great adventures?
Kazooie: Well there was that one time where we built vehicles to ex-
Bonsula: NO NOT THAT ONE!!!!!
Banjo: Kazooie he said “great” adventures!
Kazooie: Oh alright. Well there was that one time where we had to rescue Banjo’s sister from Gruntilda, the evil witch.
Bonsula: Oh yeah what happened to Tooty, anyway?
Banjo: You don’t wanna know.
Bonsula: Oh come on! Every Banjo-Kazooie fan wants to know!
Kazooie: Please shut your trap or else we’re going Wonderwing on your ar-
Banjo: Kazooie! But yeah, we’re not telling anyone what happened.
Bonsula: Okay okay fine. So you had to rescue Tooty. Tell us how you did that.
Banjo: Well, when we heard the terrible news from Bottles, we headed straight for Grunty’s Lair. It turns out we had to collect these jigsaw pieces called Jiggies and musical notes throughout levels to advance. We eventually reached Grunty and we had to play her silly quiz game thingy to save my sister. We won, Tooty was saved and then we went to the roof to battle Grunty. And we won!
Bonsula: I see.
Kazooie: Yeah but two years later she came back in skeleton form, killed goggles boy and started turning people into zombies with a weird machine. So we had to collect jiggies yet again, reached Cauldron Keep, kicked her butt and played football with her skull.
Bonsula: Wonderful. So do you guys have hobbies?
Banjo: I like making umbrellas!
Kazooie: I like collecting heads.
Kazooie: What?
Bonsula: Er, nothing. Anyway, time to wrap up today’s interview! Any last words?
Banjo: Well, thanks a lot Mr. Bonsula. I feel honored to be on this show! And me and Kazooie would really like to go on another crazy adventure that doesn’t involve vehicles and empty areas!
Bonsula: I would like to see that too! Kazooie?
Kazooie: I like your head.
Bonsula: Hahaha, so funny. Okay everyone thanks for watching. See you later!

*20 minutes later*

Bonsula:Eh? What’s this? Looks like they dropped something.

Shroom 64 004.jpg