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Bunker and Lab[edit]

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Turns out the Lab in LM3 has the same Japanese name of "Base Lab" as the Bunker from LM2. Considering how very similar they look, this seems to be intended as a recurring location of sorts, even if they're probably not literally the same physical object. Now, I won't be proposing a merge or anything, with the LM2 remake on the way, I just ask that it joins Boolossus (and possibly the pest enemies) in the "we shall see" pile. (By the way, just in case this comes up, it appears both games' scripts were written in Japanese first and then translated into English, despite the games being developed by NLG) Blinker (talk) 17:01, October 25, 2023 (EDT)

Keep it in the "We shall see" pile for now. Japan may have just come up with it for convenience purposes. PrincessPeachFan (talk) 11:20, November 2, 2023 (EDT)