Iodine, Saffron and Dyllis, Titanium, and Diddy Kong.

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Stuff of the past:

The rules[edit]

  • Lovely Iodine'y Spam: All spamming is allowed, but please don't over do it.
  • Going down in history!: I archive whenever I'm not too lazy to do it.
  • SIGN IT, TITANIUMS: Sign your things, please.
  • "How can you stand him/her?": Do not hate on any users. (Level Three)
  • Comedy Central (sometimes): Be funny. When something is serious, be professional.
  • DON'T DELETE IT!: Never delete another user's comment ever ever ever. (Level Two)
  • Burning in Agony: ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING! (Level Three and Four)
  • World of Nothing: Do not blank the talk page and do not put in a mean message in its place like "Diddy Kong/Dimentio/The Void rules!" (Level Four)

Follow these rules, and no one gets a warning. Cool? Cool.

Past discussions


Due to the reasons listed in the proposal that called for its deletion. Yoshi876 (talk)

RE: Can you cancel the proposal I made?[edit]

I have cancelled it for you. If in the future you wish to cancel another proposal you might make just copy and paste the coding I used, but please remember that this can only be one within 3 days of the proposal's creation. Yoshi876 (talk)