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Hi, this is my talk pg. Please no cursing or mean words or chatting with some other person on my talk pg. Dont have a conversation about a cute girl or anything cause, Heh, Kids YOUR age dont need a girl friend. If that was offending then.....O well. Soooooooooo, have fun and please, fell free to ask me anything about rotten mushrooms, rotten mush, wilted shrooms, or moldy mush. Yum! So i'm excited about what you whant to tell me! :0)

MY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

Hi! My name is Princess Shyguy! Welcome to SMW! Your going to love it! I'ts sooooooo fun! I saw you in a game! Whats it called......O yea! SMRPG (Super mario RPG) Your sorta hard to beat! But after you take away some of your lives your well.... a wimp. Heh.. sorry. You can say hi any time you want, remember....I KNOW WERE YOU LIVE! Just kidden! :) I wonder what rout people take to get to your casino? O well! Peace! Princess Shyguy(talk · edits)

Hey Newcomer[edit]

Hey. WAT UP? It cool u on da wiki now and welcome. I can help u out wit anything u need. Just ask. Maybe we can become freinds on the wiki, but anyway welcome and i hope u enjoy the wiki!!!!Nintendo gamer 10:53, 23 November 2008 (EST)

Ummmm....Wat up to u too...... About that friend thing, shure! SMRPG GrateGuy.pngGrate GuySMRPG KnifeGuy.png


Hello, Grate guy. I am R.O.B 128. Nice ot meet you. lol I'm not sure what those things are, being that I haven't progressed enough in SMRPG :( Plz tell me.

30.pngR.O.B. 128User offline.gif 17:58, 28 November 2008 (EST)
O_O No I don't think I've gotten there yet. I'm in serious need of help in that game. □R.O.B. 128□ 21:27, 29 November 2008 (EST)


Hey,I'm Geno SMRPG and how do you put the GIFs on your sig? I'm just wondering. I'm battlting the Axems right now on SMRPG. Uhhh I saw that flash too.(Rawest Forest)It's coolish and the songs catchy I find my slef humming it now and then. Am I now just rammbling on now? Oh,well. Dr. Octagonapus Blaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Hey. Dude?? Where u from??? Weve had a president since this country was around. And we voted for Mcain. And YES A LEADER IS IMPORTANT!!! They run our country and all. But anyway nice talkin to u u.....again!! lol Nintendo gamer 20:19, 30 November 2008 (EST)

Quick Randomnesse[edit]

LOL, that was a very quick random question. Interestingly, you said "Ciao!" which is the favourite phrase of my favourite character from the Mario games - Dimentio.

th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk My User page answers most questions about me, BTW th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png


Woah..... I'm going to get minced. Well, if you need help on Paper Mario, ask me. I'm teh master. Thanks for your help, bro. =) □R.O.B. 128□ 06:04, 8 December 2008 (EST)

Yep, That Was Embarrassing... for You![edit]

My name is actually my real name (well the shortened version) so yeah, nothing to do with any characters.

th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk Ciao indeed! th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png

I have no idea if I like flatworms, as I generally don't eat such things.

th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk "Strudel pie with pink liquid". (random) th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png

HAI DER[edit]

Hi. □R.O.B. 128□ 18:44, 19 December 2008 (EST)


uhhhhhhhhh hi dude dudette? grate GUY so ur a dude? maybe u just like guyz? u can tell im a dudette i hope? can u read? y do u need to no wat princess shyguy look like? wait dat was random??? y do i ask u so much? bean valley? did i say dat right? am i anoying? HUH HUH HUH??? its almost christmas? r u on? no? yes? wait??? i forgot wat i was gonna say??? STABBED U WITH A KNIFE?!?!? i gtg???

Yoshi Dudette 22:34, 19 December 2008 (EST)

me again??? just ta let ya no me and ng A.K.A. nintendo gamer r related and me and princess shyguy r best friends in real life! general bomb-omb is bff with ng! ok buh bye!

Just wondering[edit]

Hey GG do you go on Club Penguin?I'm just asking cuz you seem like a cool dude!I'm on it my name is Geno SMRPG yeah I know its the same as my user name on the wiki. SEE YAH!



I totally did not need to know that... lucky I ate before reading that...

th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk Salt and vinegar FTW th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png


Hi! Birdo blowing kiss M&LSS.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif

Remember Me?[edit]

Yo, G.G.! It's me Geno SMRPG I'm back! Do you think that ANYONE from SMRPG will be in Super Smash Bros.4 (If they make it). Anywayz...... I beat CLUEX!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!! I died like ten time though.... Peace!

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