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                                        The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG TML Rulez
                                       I love getting mail!

Dry Bones Past Bablings.


I WON?! SWEET! :D 3dhammer.gif 3D, and I ,ove cookies too. It's gonna be neat having two partners.. :P 3dhammer.gif


Hi! Max2 (talk) I'm working on something important...

Thanks! feel free to use some. they're not my images. just Don't use 3D's pic. Max2 (talk)

"Other dudes"

OK! I haven't really aded anyone.. too lazy. I'll add you and all the others today. 3dhammer.gif 3D, you're a good boy! :P 3dhammer.gif

You seem really cool dry bones.F gLarrynana.gif

And there you are! YOu are now one of the "other dudes", along with a ton of other people I was too lazy to put up. :D 3dhammer.gif 3D, yes, you are t3h (007 3dhammer.gif

Coolest user contest

Vote for who you think is the coolest user here!!! (don't vote for your self please) If you win you get a prize! Good luck The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG TML Rulez

3D! Max2 (talk)

Son Of Sun, obliviousy. Someone who think this will be deleted by Wayoshi.

Son of suns Master Crash

seriously, how did he make that sweet pic?

I know who you'll pick as the winner! Dry Bones! Max2 (talk) Do I win?

Come on people, I've tried something like this before, just end it before you guys get busted.--Aipom_Banana_2.gif Aipom 424.png--

No I will not make my self win, so far Son of Suns has the most votes.

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG TML Rulez

Maxlover2. Duh. 8) 3dhammer.gif 3D, he's da (007. 3dhammer.gif


DB, why's your sig so big? 8) rhyme. Max2 (talk)

What's wrong with a big sig? PTadaa!2.gifPlumber, I am NOT a piece of lumberTadaaa!.gif

nothin'. just wonderin'... Max2 (talk)

Yeah, it's weird when Wayoshi's, Dry Bones', Warioloaf's and my sig are in tight cramped spaces, since they are so big. PTadaa!2.gifPlumber, I may have a big sig, but I am NOT a piece of lumberTadaaa!.gif

how do you make it that big?

Master Crash


hola, just dropping by to say hi to the worthy opponent i lost to in aipoms comic.


Master Crash


if you don't get voted i still think you're cool!

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG TML Rulez  :)



hey do you like any of the following?

mario,paratroopa (green shell), goomba, piranha plant.

cuz i can find you an animation like my running luigi.

Master Crash

I like ParaKoopas... sorta...kinda...a little...Max2 (talk)

here they are!

File:3dkoopa.gifFile:3dgoomba.gifFile:3dmario.gifFile:Nsmb buddy 10.gifFile:Luigirun.gif

Master Crash


like de pic?

File:Ml2 koopa.gif

Master Crash


The Winner is.........................

Sons of suns WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MarioCommunist2.png

Friends list

Dry Bones can you add me on your friends list?F gLarrynana.gif

yes. Max2 (talk)

New game tourement

If you could make a game what would it be? Paper Luigi(like paper mario but luigi) or Super Wario Bros.(like new super mario bros but wario and waluigi)

vote now!! I vote Paper Luigi

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG TML Rulez

Super Wario Bros. User:Gofer

I want them both! O.O ...But I guess my vote goes for the Super Wario Bros. User:Shkai Bones

Can I choose them both? Whenever I'm bored I always thinks about making them both.... Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, I'm voting for both because... uh.... I'm a piece of lumber, yeah, that works!Tadaaa!.gif

paper luigi!

Master Crash

Cool People

Yeah, I meant to put you on yesterday (realy, I did) but got sidetracked. :) I will now. - Ultimatetoad

Good job on your sig!

Well the award thing is a failed program that was supposed to encourage people to help the Wiki. It failed and the "awards" don't mean anything now. I'll give you an award pic though. Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, You have a cool sig, so I'll give you an "award" for that.Tadaaa!.gif


i know this may be on a little short notice but,

can you add me to your list of buddys?

if you don't mind

Master Crash

ps. i'll try to visit your page more often.


OK I'll give ya credit. :D And thanks for the 'box! 3dhammer.gif 3D, cooooool mucho. 3dhammer.gif


Neat. 3dhammer.gif 3D, hello. 3dhammer.gif


Yeah, so can you use these two sprite to make a gif? Make it slow. File:Tumble.PNGFile:Tumble2.PNGKnife (talk) 20:02, 10 March 2007 (EST)


OK! 3dhammer.gif 3D, I'm game. 3dhammer.gif

What IS THE POLL? 3dhammer.gif 3D, question marks, a-flying above my head.. 3dhammer.gif
PAPER LUIIIIIIIGIIIIIII! 3dhammer.gif 3D, Yaay! 3dhammer.gif

DB. you're making ads? I'm just the guy. are you on the forum? if so, and you want my help, PM me about it. OK? Max2 (talk)

Paper Jorge was gonna kick me out of the game. Max2 (talk)

User Neighbors

Dry Bones I add you to the user neighbors with the others.F gLarrynana.gif

Um, I guess, the only reason I put the others in was that they had given Aipom sprites of them in a surpised look and that seemed to fit the situation :p. Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, But I'll put you in somehowTadaaa!.gif

Thanks. I thought that the "last destination" part would be a big hint. I was gonna put "final destination" but I thought that would make it too obvious. Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, The Riddling Plumber!Tadaaa!.gif

You're in Comic #3! Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, Can I have an advertisement in The 'Shroom? Like use Plumber's Plumbing for all your plumbing needs or something like that?Tadaaa!.gif


Yeah, I get eaten by Blizzrasaurus.. XD But with the Millenium Star, can Max lose? 3dhammer.gif 3D, buurp. 3dhammer.gif


Dry Bones where is your poll so I can vote?F gLarrynana.gif

I would say super wario bros.F gLarrynana.gif


hey whats up db,

i haven't been on as much as i use to.

by the way when is your next poll?

Master Crash

and You're in my comic! Max2 (talk)


The Prize is... uh.... Being in the next comic for sure! And... uh.... you'll get a better prize if you can say which sysop is which in the first panel. Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, *tries to find a prize*Tadaaa!.gif Uh... no. I meant that you know in the first panel, all those sprites? They all represent a sysop. I meant say which sprite is which sysop. Oh, and the Piranha Dino and My sprite aren't sysops (obviously). Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, Can you do that?Tadaaa!.gif

Yeah, that's one down, the Yoshi one is Wayoshi. The other nine sprites represent a different one. I'll give you one though:Sir Grodus is Kamek. Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, Klayworld:Off the TableTadaaa!.gif

Yeah! Now guess the rest! HK-47 and the inactive sysops are probably tough. Look around, see Their personal images, hint hint, or appearances in other comics, huge hint, huge hint. One you have to guess because of their name. Tadaa!2.gifPlumberTadaaa!.gif

Congrats!!!!!!!! Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, I'll make a banner for you!Tadaaa!.gif

Ok here: Copy what it says on my page, then put the banner there instead of the mine (I think it has to be a filename, so click on the picture and put the URL there). Oh, and you can change the color too. Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, I'm your friend, I can go on your list :)!Tadaaa!.gif


Fg is my initials.F gLarrynana.gif


Super Wario Bros. won! File:4673.jpg