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Toadle's Bank

Hello,welcome to Toadle's Bank.Every user starts with 30 Coins (20px),and if you want to deposit or withdraw coins,please leave a comment.Yoshitron's friends,listed below,receive an extra 20 Coins for being awesome.You only get coins if Yoshitron gives them to you.Put your money in the bank,and it MAY gain interest.Here's an example.Make your own,please!Thank you and have a nice day!

Money Accounts


Yoshitron's Friends:

  • Nixonia
  • Young Master Luma
  • Bowser's luma
  • Paper Culex
  • IandaM
  • Egg Yoshi
  • Kinggoomba
  • Geniusguy

(If I forgot anybody,I'm sorry and please tell!)


Super Mushroom...520px Fire Flower...1020px Mega Mushroom...2020px Ice Flower...1520px Boo/Bee Starman...5020px Yoshi Egg...10020px

Ice Cream

(Comes in a cup or a cone.Sizes are Kid,Small,Medium,Large,and Bowser-large.) Kid=520px Small=1020px Medium=1520px Large=2020px Bowser-large=2520px Waffle Cone +520px Toppings+520px

Toadally Turtle,Vanilla,Chocolate,Strawberry,Koffee

More flavors coming soon!


Hi there.I would like a Starman,a Vanilla ice cream,large please!Thank you!(Don't think I forgot to pay!It's 7020pxs. Kinggoomba 00:08, 16 September 2010 (UTC)

Ice flower plz! *hands over 15 20pxs* Now I have ... 129403945083750192829058822192373489361749040375892943870487327583 20pxs left! XDDDDDD lol Nixonia