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Hi, I'm YoshisIsland. Actually, I really don't wanna have those extravagant userpages everyone has, but anyway, I think it works. Well, I don't have a fancy userpage because I'm so caught up in the work here. I feel like the wiki needs more attention than my userpage. Well, anyway, I love Yoshi, but who doesn't? Anyway, like I said, I'm not going to spend so much time on this, so that's it, really.

Other Stuff

I'll link to other sites I'm on.

  • Super Mario Wiki--Well, here obviously. I'm known here as YoshisIsland, as you can see. I'm here to help out the wiki my best. Super Mario is awesome and is definitely one of my favorite franchises. Definitely.
  • Bulbapedia--I'm here to contribute about Pokemon (who cares about the accent over the e, really). It's one of my favorites, as well, I have nearly all the games. I'm known there as YoshisWorld.
  • Zelda Wiki--And, as you can guess with those two previous summaries, I'm just a user here to help contribute about The Legend of Zelda. I find that franchise very cool, it's really awesome, the way the powers and things are set up. I think, despite not knowing that much about it, I'm sure I know a decent amount. I'm known there as MasterYoshi.