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Hello, fellow Super Mario Wiki Users! My name is Yoshi Girl, but you can just call me YG! If you haven't guessed, I Love Yoshis! I joined this Wiki on Monday, May 14, 2007. Most of this page is still under construction for the time being. More stuff to come here soon! Oh, and by the way, feel free to leave something on my Talk Page!

Motto: This page is dedicated to anything and everything Yoshi!

Status: Completed.


Well, as I said, my name is Yoshi Girl, but you can call me YG! I love Yoshis so much that I even dedeicated a page to them! I can say for a fact that they are one of the best species on the Mushroom Planet (...Well, maybe that's an opinion)! Would you like to learn more about Yoshis? If so, read on!

Editing Style

Most of the edits I make here at MarioWiki will be small things: grammar errors, spelling, etc. Sometimes I find a big section of a page missing, and add onto it. Rarely can I start my own page.

Tattle: Yep, that's Yoshi Girl. She's not really a Yoshi, but she most love Yoshis so much that she renamed herself after So, anyway, she has four baby Yoshis she takes care of on Yoshi's Island: Zero, Bubble, Pitch, and Chaoshi. Be careful, because she can get very protective of her Yoshis.

Status: Completed.

I love Yoshis so, I have a little family of them. There are FOUR in my family now. Would you like to meet them?

My Yoshis

These are all my Baby Yoshis that recently hatched. Their pic as well as their hatch date is given. More information about them will be coming shortly.

Whiteyoshqo8.gif ← Chaoshi the white Yoshi hatched on May 2nd at around 8:00 AM PST. She is the oldest of the four, and the most social. She loves to travel around the island and hang with her Yoshi pals.

Blackyoshcm9.gif ← Pitch the black Yoshi hatched on May 2nd at around 9:54 AM PST. He is the second-oldest of the four, and the most playful. He likes to play with other Yoshis.

Lightblueyoshkv7.gif ← Bubble the light blue Yoshi hatched on May 2nd at about 11:34 AM PST. She is the second-youngest of the four, and the most intelligent. She likes to read plenty of books and write short stories.

Redyoshzu4.gif ← Zero the red Yoshi hatched on May 2nd at around 12:00 PM PST. He is the youngest of the four, and the most mischevious. He likes to play pranks on his older siblings and can never sit still.

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Status: Completed.