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“Nothing in the world can stop Mario...except a painting frame. That can stop Mario.”
Blue Guy

Hello, everybody! I'm Blue Guy, a rookie of the Super Mario Wikipedia. Don't expect work from me very often. I am very busy behind the screen, what with work to do, deadlines to meet. Usually I can come on the weekends, but on occasion I can come during Mon-Fri. Hope to see you soon! P.S. Wondering why I refer to myself as Blue Guy? I like that name better than Yoshi Yoda. I plan on changing it soon. When I do, and you're wondering "Where did that Yoshi Yoda guy go?" just remember that I'm Blue Guy.

OldName to NewName


YoshiYoda (talk) TehBlueGuy (talk)

Like I said above, I don't use the name YoshiYoda much anymore, and have changed it to Blue Guy (and several alterations of the name).

      -Blue Guy