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Super Mario 64 DS stars

Big Bob-omb on the summit Footrace with Koopa the Quick 5 silver stars Big Bob-omb's Revenge Mario wings to the sky Find the 8 red coins Behind Chain Chomp's gate Chip off Whomp's Block To the top of the fortress shoot to the blue wild Red coins on the floating isle fall onto caged island blast away the wall switch star of the fortress plunder in the sunken ship can the eel come out & play? Treasure in the cave blast to the stone pillar red coins on the ship afloat Switch star of the bay through the jet stream 1 Slip slidin' away lil' penguin lost big penguin race frosty slide for 8 red coins snowman lost it's head Mario's super wall kick switch star of cool cool mountain go on a ghost hunt ride big boo's merry go round secret of the haunted books seek the 8 red coins big boo's balcony eye to eye in the secret room switch star of the basement swimming beast in the cavern elevate for 8 red coins metal-head wario can move navigating through the toxic maze a-mazeing emergency exit watch for falling rocks underground switch star boil the big bully bully the bullies 8 coin puzzle with 15 pieces red-hot log rolling hot-foot-it in the valcano inside the valcano flaming silver stars in the talons of the big bird shining atop the pyramid inside the aincient pyramid stand tall on all four pillars tox box switch star pyramid puzzle free flyin' for 8 red coins board bowser's sub chests in the current pole-jumping for red coins through the jet stream 2 koopa surfing switch star inside the cage the manta ray's reward big snowman's head chill with the bully Yoshi's ice sculpture whirl from the freezing pond snowman's silver star into the igloo red coins in the house shocking arrow lifts top o' the town 5 secrets in the shallow & sky express elevator HURRY UP! go to town for red coins quick race through downtown soaked silver stars scale the mountain mystery of the monkey cage scary shrooms red coins mysterious mountainside blast to the lonely mountain 5 secrets of the mountain breathtaking view from the bridge pluck the pirhana flower the tip top of the huge island rematch with koopa the quick klepto the condor wiggler's red coins make wiggler squirm switch star on the island luigi in the cage the pendulum switch star get a hand stomp on the thwomp timed jumps on moving bars stop time for red coins tick tock silver stars crusier crossing the rainbow the big house in the sky coins amassed in a maze swinging in the breeze pyramid panic somewhere over the rainbow switch star of the manor