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ok i got this whole thing figured out now so sorry bout the double accounts i didnt know wat i waz doing so to anyone still angry SORRY.


  1. make a lot of tributes.
  2. get used to super mario wiki basics(now that i understand them too somewhat of an ecstent)

                                        THINGS I THINK
  1. i think that king boo looked A LOT cooler in luigis mansion and that nentendo shoudnt have made him all cute and all
  2. i think that mario would be cooler if he wasent a mega midget (a really big midget)
  3. i think walauigi should be a main charecter in some game and not just spin-offs
  4. i think nintendo should make less spin-offs and more great games like super mario galexy or (one of my favs) super mario world

                                      things that i think that arent complants
  1. i think graphics for brawl add great detail too all the charecters
  2. i think the wii really redefines the meaning of mario platformers
  3. i think that nintendo should make a mario galexy 2 that would be really cool