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Hi I'm Yoshi-borg and I, well like Yoshi! If you don't agree to these rules, then you might as well leave!! Just kidding.

- I dislike anyone who dislikes Yoshi >:(

-Yoshi should ride on Mario on one of the games

-Yoshi rox!!!

-Most importantly, lolololololol! Yep, that's right, lololololol.

My liking Yoshi

So, yeah. You probably get it. I like Yoshi. It's probably getting old by now. Unfortunatly, I have nothing else to talk about, so if you don't like Yoshi, this will be pretty boring.

Yoshi should rule the world!!!

Yeah, they say a pic is worth a thousand words, but I'll put around 1,000 word to make up for it ;)

Yep, the moment of truth, the reason I like Yoshi. Here's a mathematical theory: (Ahhh! math!!!)

Green + Yoshi= :) Blue + Yoshi= :D Pink + Yoshi= :( Hot pink + Yoshi=>:( Magenta + Yoshi= bleaugh! Lavender + Yoshi=okay, you get the picture

So, that wasn't THAT bad, was it?

What? Not a thousand words yet? Oh, i guess not...

For some reason, people don't like the idea of a giant Yoshi. I think it'd be cool, y'know what I'm saying?

Other faves

1.Boo (Oh, why not?)

2.Mario (Oh, originals, originals)

3.Luigi [Spazzy like me ;)]

4.Bowser (bwahahaha!!)

5.Donkey Kong (With his monkey powa!)

6. Uhh, 5 is all i can think of. Maybe later?

Hated characters

1.Waluigi (Ugh, I can't stand to hear the NAME!)

2.King K. Rool (Fat and ugly in every way possible!)

3.Bowser Jr. (Annoying little kid, he is!)

4. All other ugly characters not listed.

Coming Soon

Let's face it, you can't put 1,000 words all at one time. For now, we'll have a lot to work to. I'll need a lot more stuff for a thousand words. I may be close, but I ain't counting! I'll let the computer do it!

The Weekly Blarg: Issue I

Today is week 1 of the Weekly Blarg!!! There is much to read in this paper.

Luigi's Day Yesterday

We interviewed Mario to see what he did yesterday. He said, "I forgot". He sure is great at expressing his feelings! So we asked Luigi. He had a very long story. (No seriously, he did.) He first went to his portrait of Daisy, kissed it a few times, then went downstairs for his cup o' joe. After that, he was practicing his goomba smashing. He then ate 16-layer cake (Yikes!) which was 17,000,000 calories. Then he took a swim. He then ate a Mega Mushroom and crushed half of the Mushroom Kingdom. They thought it was Waluigi, so they threw him in jail. Wait, no. The Mushroom Kingdom doesn't HAVE a jail! So they threw him in a pile of mud. After that Luigi threw a party and ate a 100-layer cake. Luckly, Peach, Daisy, and Wario helped him with it. Wario got most of it, obviously.

 Who's the Better Character?

Some people wonder, who was it a better idea to make? Daisy or Waluigi? Here's your answer:

DAISY: The princess of Sarsaland. It was a relief to have another female character in Super Mario games. (For girls, anyway.) There are many Daisy fans all over the world.

WALUIGI: Wario's "brother". Likes cheating. When he was made, most people liked having another sneaky, treasure-loving character. A lot of people like his attitide. Honestly, who doesn't like treasure?

 Game Experience:

DAISY: Daisy has good game expeience. She likes sports. She's played baseball, tennis, golf, stuff like that. She remains pretty thin.

WALUIGI: Waluigi has been around longer than Daisy, but says "I hate this game" every now and then. Yet he remains skin and bones.

 Overall ranking:

DAISY: Daisy has a lot of fans, let's face it. This isn't going to be a blowout victory. Daisy deserves some credit. She does have attitude, though. She can also be loud.

WALUIGI: Waluigi has a lot of fans, but never is a main character. But most likely, he will be a main character soon. (Cross your fingers, Waluigi fans!)


DAISY: She likes being a part of games, you have to admit. And she isn't greedy. Have you ever hear her say "I hate this game!"? No. She gets frustrated, but she's no sore loser.