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I'm a yoshi named Yo_Edward.This is my user page. ok I still don't have sprites but any way . I'll start with reveiws of some games .[you can still edit but mainly for grammer]MARIO KART :DD the good-is fun,has tons of unlockables,three ways two play in battle mode,cheats not as much as other mario karts the bad-it still cheats,tracks soon become second nature,in 150cc other karts get super smart over all-BUY IT!!,teaming up with a friend is also super cool.Own a gamecube or a wii get it .as a bonus it can be found in lots of places for cheap

Here I go,sorry about the wait....I'm not just Yo Edward i'm a master not any master i'm a paper mario/smash bros. master. uh i won't be editing this page in a while so stay tuned