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It has been requested that this file should be reuploaded for game rip quality.

This template is for marking images that need a particular version of an image, but don't call for {{tweak}}, as it would be too extreme.


What kind of images qualify for this tag:

  • Looking through game sprites via hacking or hex editing would provide the best version of an image compared to screenshot cropping.
  • A custom 3D render would be of higher quality than a cropped screenshot render.


  • {{tweak-gamerip}} - Default "for game rip quality" displays.
  • {{tweak-gamerip|specify reason here}} - A more specific reason after "for game rip quality" displays. Replace "specify reason here" with applicable information.

Image Quality Tags

{{image-quality}} For images with a severe lack of good quality standards. Category:Quality requested
{{tweak}} For images that are not that bad in quality but needs a better replacement anyways. Category:Images that need improvement
{{tweak-gamerip}} A sub-template of {{tweak}}, specific to obtaining a particular level of quality relating to sprites and 3D renders. Category:Images that need a game rip
{{Convert to PNG}} For screenshots and sprites saved in the JPEG or single-frame GIF format. Category:PNG requested
{{Convert to SVG}} For Logos in JPEG, single-frame GIF, or PNG format that are not screenshot-derived. Category:SVG requested