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This person is awesome. Yes. Very awesome. Sit back, I'm gonna tell you why.

  • I am an 11 year old girl obsessed with Super Mario and Pokemon.
  • I hate pink. I HATE IT
  • My favorite characters from Super Mario are Kamek, Fawful and Dimentio. You'll probably see some references on this page...
  • I'm writing a novel. Yes, you heard right. I'm writing a novel, and it's really good so far. It's called Lunion. When I publish it, I'll say so here so you can google it and find where it's sold!

Hmm... well then, let's see some more useful information, shall we?

My electronics

  • My laptop.
  • My crappy ds lite with a cracked top screen.
  • My dsi xl.
  • My 3ds which I pretty much ignore.
  • My gamecube, the first video game system I had.
  • My wii.
  • My psp which I absolutely despise.
  • My ipod touch which I also despise.
  • Er... does a colour scanner count?
  • Nothing else... I think.

You don't wanna know how many games I have.

My bio... sorta.

Well, I am an 11 year old girl, like I said. My favorite colours are blue and green. My favorite Pokemon is Grovyle. Wanna know why? Pokemon Mystery Dungeon... My first Pokemon game was Platinum. My first Super Mario game was Super Mario Sunshine--it was also my first game, generally. I am really skilled at drawing and writing; when I'm not doing my school work, I'm usually doing one of the two.



I just had to say that...

Ehehe, not much else to write here.