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Hey, if you are wondering "How did he get here" I saw the NC short. then scerched "Mario Wiki". Oh, and besides Wario, I like Toad and Yoshi. And when I'm not beating Super Smash Bros. Melee, I am probably playing with my cat. And, I am interested in Toadsworth. And the only thing on my wishlist is the Wii, I mean who wouldn't? You can Go on the web, Play gamecube and Wii games. Where did I get that CD DVD thery? Oh, Mad Magaziene. Any way, here, check the Shroom to see it. or go to NC to look at more comix. I have one question.... Where do you find the Wario pez? I made a minor edit of the page about Donkey Kong . And I voted feature article on Mario and Wario . Not the game of course. The link to the page on Mario and Wario < is here. One thing I have to say. Wario AND Kongs RULE! Ok, Great Gonzo, get this stright, Just because I made a mistake doesn't mean you have to bug me. It's not my problem that I keep screwing things up, I just do. Two things wrong this world Me and my life.

[URL=] [IMG]twario.gif[/IMG] Which Neglected Mario Character Are You? [/URL]

[URL=] [IMG]twaluigi.gif[/IMG] Which Neglected Mario Character Are You? [/URL]