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Paper Mario Enemy

Waluigipower2 Log: A fake Waluigi. His hat is actually black. His overalls and undershirt are purple. Tattle: A mixture of a Bob-omb and a Goomba. If you jump on it, it will actually countdown from 5 to 1, so you better run. Or else!

My Ideas for New Games

Super Smash Bros. CLASH

It is a period of war in the Marioverse. A brave alliance of heroes have challenged the tyranny of Bowser's army. Fox's starship, striking from his hidden base, has won its first victory against Bowser.

Pursuing Sonic the Hedgehog with a blockade of battleships, Bowser has led all shipping to the Marioverse.

With Sonic kidnapped, Bowser would imprison him in a cage. And he'd never let go!

Now, Mario and pals must save Sonic from the clucthes of Bowser.