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My favorite game is:

[URL=][IMG]ssbbhm4.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL=g.php?h=503&i=ssbbhm4.jpg][IMG]ssbbhm4.cacc823b4a.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

My name's significate is: Waluigi + Baby Mario ( BM ) + Pit + Jolteon + 14

Waluigi = He's very coolz I love him xD +

Baby Mario = best mario kart wii character +

Pit = best SSBB character +

Jolteon = favorite pokémon +

14 = my age.

Oh i'm not american i'm brazilian. and my english sucks. lol

Hmmm... I don't know how to add imgs. I add that o SSBB by imageshack. D: So i will only talk.

Games I have on Wii: - SSBB ( the best one )

- Wii Sports of course ( favorite sport: tennis )

- Wii Play ( i only bought cause it comes with a extra wii remote xP )

- Super Mario Galaxy ( mario game for wii!!! *O* best graphics evah )

- the legend of zelda: twilight princess ( awesome zelda game, like ocarina of time in N64 )

- mario kart wii ( I - LOVE - IT, second favorite game )

- zack & wiki: quest for barbaro's treasure ( good adventure game, i like it )

games I have on DS:

- New SMB ( OMG, nostalgic. kinda short, but very good =D )

- Pokémon Pearl ( pokémon's portable games are awesome, i love it )

- metroid prime hunters ( excelent graphics and play. excelente game )


favorite brawl chars:

1 - Pit of course, awesome moves, fast, many jumps, and a good final smash ( not very good, only good. :S )

2 - Meta Knight, excelent moves, fast, many jumps, and a good final smash ( is the same as pit, LOL ). he's only weak with smash atacks

3 - Sonic - speed is his game xD, i love speed. good moves and a awesome final smash.

4 - ivysaur - squirtle and charizard are weak, but ivysaur is awesome. his up smash is the best, he has good moves and a very good FS.

5 - Captain Falcon, AWESOME moves ( very powerfull ), fast as sonic and a pwneder FS. bowser ( strenght ) + sonic ( speed ) = Cap. Falcon. SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!

6 - Lucario, fast and good moves. i don't like the fact off his strenght grows when he's weak, but a good character, anywayz. his final smash fucks with all. it's not the best in the game, but is a good one.

7 - Toon Link, fast, good jumps and moves and a awesome smash. link has good moves, but is slow and his jumps sucks. and I prefer toon link's visual.

8 samus, awesome moves, but cheap smashs. But i like her so much, and her zero suit. HOT SEXY ZERO SUIT *-* and the FS is one of the bests on the game.

9 - Mr. Game & watch, funny, fast and with good moves. everybody call him a cheap guy, but i like him very much. His FS is good, but hard to control.

10 - Ganondorf, my favorite slowly character. he has excelent moves ( like falcon ), and is very powerfull. too slow, but good. his FS is VERY GOOD. no more.

ugh... only this.

favorite mario kart wii characters

small - baby mario of course. i like baby daisy, toadette and dry bones too. they are the bests.

medium - luigi and daisy. i like diddy kong and bowser jr. too.

large - my mii! hehe, and waluigi, king boo, and dry bowser. sometimes I play as bowser or funky kong, too.

characters i don`t like to play in brawl and MKWii


King Dedede, Pikachu only. I like all, but these duo are very cheap.


I guess only wario ( i like him in brawl, but not in MK, i don`t know why... ) and i don`t play as peach, donkey kong and yoshi so much. strange... i like all in Brawl. xD

other day i put more things.