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Hi there! I'm UltimateMarioGamer! I'm also Legoman9001 on ROBLOX. I've been a BIG gamer of Mario since Late 2008. I have a N64,PS2,and GCN (also a DS Lite which broke a few months ago)i hope to get a Wii on my birthday (IN ONE WEEK) ^^ and a DSi later. I will soon be on Youtube as Legofan5000.....and the same im named here at Gamestop. I also like Kirby,Yoshi, Lego, Sonic, Nickelodeon and Disney. There are many great games about Mario.....that's why he's the best of all! My favorite game out of all as of now is Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. I also really like Super Mario 3D games.....Super Mario All Stars + World....SMW2:YI.....mario spin-offs like Mario much i can't list em all! I have great ideas for bloopers for when i join youtube! All rights reserved to there presprective owners.