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UR-DUM and don't forget it


I am UR-DUM welcome to R-U-DUM I will ask you 3 simple questions if you aswer all 3 Correctly then U R not DUM, If not then U-R-DUM.

Q.How many syllables are in the word Mississipi?
A.4 Correct
Q.If U mix the color yellow with the color blue what color do U get? Correct
Q.if U have 3 apples and you take 2 away how many apples do you have?
A.1 Incorrect if U have 2 apples and U take 2 away U have 2 apples caus' UR the 1 that took them
U did not answer all 3 Correctly and UR-DUM.


I was born in a hospitil on 11/04/1998.I got my first computer at the age of 5 then at the age of 7 I got really cool 1.On my 8th Birthday I got this laptop.

I like the Mario Wiki it's so cool.Right now I am sitting at my desk Writing this page with my sink sponge

I'm lonely and when I'm lonely I like to go on wiki's.

My Accoplaices

My best friend is my pet sink sponge I'm not very social.Other than Mario games my hobbies enclude Star Wars The Internet Dang Its Cool and don't forget Ur-DUM


King Boo the greatest boss who ever afterlived
Luigi,The Worlds Greatest Ghost Buster who ever lived.