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First things first, welcome to my Userpage! Thank you very much for stopping. It's nothing proffesional now, but it will improve.

About Me

My name is Maria and I am thirteen years old. I am new to Mariowiki, so I'm still getting the hang of things. I am also a member of the Mariowiki forums under the same name. I recently signed up for The 'Shroom in the Entertainment section, but we are currently under the director election, so it's not yet confirmed that I will write for The 'Shroom. My favorite character is Princess Daisy, followed by Luigi. My hobbies are browsing the internet, playing videogames (duh!), reading, and writing. You can also find me on deviantART, YouTube, Newgrounds (rarely), and Webs(formerly Freewebs).

My Contributions

Uhh, my userpage? Umm, I'm working on that.