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“Here I place my stupid fantasies.”
This user about his page.
“My page is strange. Okay, I know that.”
TurqapGaloomba when sees users’ reaction to his page.
“Terrible news! Noobs are coming for ya!”
TurqapGaloomba about himself, YES.
“I’m-a fishin’ for... chatting with da users!”
TurqapGaloomba when he explains reason he sign in MarioWiki.
“Howdy! Grrrrrrrr, I am zee Russian!! Oaoaoh!! Nyeck-nyeck-nyeck, don't say piwacy is vewy sewious cwime!!! Nyeck-nyeck! Messaround, anarchy, apocalypse! Rough of rude! Nyeck-nyeck-nyeck!”
TurqapGaloomba when he wants provoke you.
TurqapGaloomba about the GOOS.

Nintendo style seal of the SMWiki user TurqapGaloomba Hiy'all!
Welcome to my shy paGUY (oh yes, those puns).
Probably, now I’m annoying ya, so you can calmly leave this stupid page. That’s all!
Me, TurqapGaloompa? I’m curious, a bit sneaky, but very happy (that is not verbal portrait of ‘awful).
Here I’ll make my stats, page rules, and some more in-the-resting.

Facts and opinions

  • I’m-a both Russian and can speak English without any kheeking or rroaking (accent).
  • I do not like sushi, except "Philadelphia" rolls.
  • SaLmOn, SaLmOn, MoRe SaLmOn. Yes, I like red fish.
  • French cheese is disgusting. Please stop call it the best!
  • British English is the best, ‘cause I don't like American pwonownthithathiown. No offence to the yankees!
  • I’m Turqap ‘cause I wear a turquoise cap. Simple!
  • My (not so) powerful weapon is the Ё-hammer. No, the Ё is Russian, not French. It... fixes the ё/е problem in translations (yes, Nintendo are translating games very inaccurate).
  • Donkey Kong is a piece of shhhhh.... shhhhh, here must be silence.... shhhhh...
  • (There are so many brackets, yes.)
  • I haven't got a single Nintendo console (they’re very expensive in Russia), so I play games on free emulators.
  • What on earth I wrote? Please someone call a medic!
  • Did you know what Ice Mario's iceball throw sound is, in fact, ASMR?
  • Please, can you help me completing this?
  • M-Mario Kart? Wha' is this?
  • S-Sonic? Who is he? I read a Sonic Wiki immediately.
  • Wario Warrior, em, Wario Mario, em, WarWarian? Wario Vore? EEEEEK, HOW I’LL SAY THIS?!
  • My concepts is silly? Okay, if ma’ ones are silly, the ’Shroom is silly too, understand ya?

My friendbox

Much of cold thanks for SHOCKora for me copying sample.

Nintendo style seal of the SMWiki user TurqapGaloomba

If I was in Mario platformers:

  • Non-reaction to power-ups (except Starman). Turqie is special character like Nabbit, so he hasn't got any extra forms. If he has used Invincibility power-ups (Leaf and Bell), his cap turns white and he get Starman effect, but no more changing.
  • Main Characteristics.
             Jump: 🟡🟡🟡⚫⚫
Speed: 🟡🟡🟡🟡⚫
Sprint strength: 🟡🟡⚫⚫⚫
  • Moves. If he hold jump button midair, he’ll scuttling like Luigi. If he press ZL/ZR button midair, he’ll do a small hop forward.
  • Propeller jump. If Turqie jump and press L/R, he’ll act like Propeller Mario.
  • Interacting with enemies. If Turqie run onto an enemy, he’ll stun on 0.5 s and lose his cap (without his cap he can't do propeller jumps). If he do this without his cap, he dies.
  • Goombas. If he run onto goomba or its other species, it won’t make stun effect, because he's a goomba species too.


Pressing sprint button he’ll use it like Builder Mario. Ё-hammer is permanent ability without losing.
If he sprint while crouching, he’ll throw the hammer like boomerang.
If he sprint while looking up, he’ll throw the hammer like Hammer Bros. hammer.
If he hold sprint button more than 2 s and release it, he’ll shoot three projectiles looking like magenta Ё letter.
All actions with this weapon creates the effect with small magenta Ё letters.

Nintendo games I played/playing

Bolded name signs completion of this game.

Super Entertainment System

  • Super Mario World
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island


  • New Super Mario Bros.


  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Wii U

  • Super Mario 3D World
  • New Super Mario Bros. U


  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.
  • Super Mario 3D Land


  • Super Mario Maker 2

Your game recommendations to me

Probably I’ll play it. Write here, example:
Bla bla bla play tis gama its vere cool
Sussy man 03:00, Mariober 37, 2077

Пруфы того, что я русский

Этот заголовок уже пруф, аминь. Ладно, для бланка и для красоты напишу здесь всякую хрень, о которой меня никто не просил... ёкарный кокос. Хотите чаю с мёдом, а? Хотя бы кто-нибудь из вас, викийцы?


TS: call me Turqie please
— Big cold greetings from Siberia,
Turqie the Turquoise 09:49, April 29, 2023 (EDT)