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The SM3DL Mystery Box project is an attempt to get a list of all possible Mystery Box configurations. It has lower priority then my Smash Bros.-based projects, but unlike those you can probably help out.

The process: I began a fresh file and just started writing down all the boxes I came across. I'll also put in those I find in my old (glittering five-star) file. The streams combined form the final results.


# Contents
1 Goomba x3 W1 S1
2 Goomba (middle), Piranha Plant (right) W4 S5
3 Goomba Tower [2] x2 W6 S7
4 Tail Goomba x2 (sides), Piranha Plant (middle) W4 S5
5 Piranha Plant x3 W1 S1
6 Fire Piranha x3 W6
7 Hammer Bro. (right), Boomerang Bro. (left) S5
8 Biddybud x5 (circling) W2 S3
9 Fire Flower (middle), Fake Goomba x2 (left, right) W1 W6
10 Fire Flower (left), Goomba Tower [2] (middle), Fire Piranha (right) W2 S3
11 Fire Flower (middle), Goomba Tower [2] x2 (sides) W4 S5
12 Fire Flower (middle), Fire Piranha x2 (sides) W2 S3
13 Fire Flower (middle), Biddybud (circling) S3
14 Fire Flower (left), Super Mushroom (middle), Biddybud x3 (bottom) W6
15 Super Leaf (right), Goomba (middle) W1 S1
16 Super Leaf (middle), Tail Goomba x2 (sides) W2 S5
17 Boomerang Flower (left), Hammer Bro. (right) S1
18 Boomerang Flower (right), Boomerang Bro. (left) S3
19 Boomerang Flower (middle), Hammer Bro. (right), Boomerang Bro. (left) S7
20 Boom-Boom S7
21 ? Block with Coin x12 (square layout), Invisible Block with 1-Up Mushroom x4 (center of square) S5
22 1-Up Mushroom x6, Poison Mushroom x6 (checkboard layout) S5
23 1-Up Mushroom x8 (checkboard layout) S1
24 Toad x5 (corner-center pattern), 1-Up Mushroom x4 (held by corner Toads) W1
25 Fire Flower (top), Torch x4 (corners), 1-Up Mushroom x4 (appear after lighting torches) S7
26 Flowers x25 (containing Coins and at least 4 1-Up Mushrooms), ? Block with Fire Flower (upper-left) S3
27 Bush x25 (containing Coins, 1-Up Mushroom x4, and a Coin Coffer), ? Block with Super Leaf (upper-left) S7
28 Super Leaf x15, P-Wing (bottom-right) W1

Total Star Medals in these boxes: 36

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