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Donkey Kong Country

Obviously some of these names differ from those of the DKC manual. Largely, it's a matter of specificity, and it's probably preferrable.

Terrain Music
Name in DKC manual
Jungle "DK Island Swing"
Underwater "Aquatic Ambiance"
Ruins "Voices of the Temple"
Forest "Forest Frenzy"
Treetops "Treetop Rock"
Factory "Fear Factory"
Snow Mountain "Northern Hemispheres"
Boss arena N/A "Bad Boss Boogie"
Ship "Gang-Plank Galleon"
Cave Caves "Cave Dweller Concert"
Walkway "Life in the Mines"
Ice cave "Ice Cave Chant"
Minecart Mines "Mine Cart Madness"
Mineshaft "Misty Menace"