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The Koopa King
Full name The Koopa Troopa King
Species Koopa

Hey there! I'm The Koopa King and I started as a user on the Super Mario Wiki in 2019. I am 11 years old and have loved Super Mario for a long time.

My Favorite Super Mario Games

I have ranked my top 5 favorite Super Mario games below. The first one is the first Super Mario game I've played!

#1: Mario Kart Wii

I love everything about Mario Kart Wii! The character selection is great, the courses are perfect, and the music is epic. Using the Wii Wheel just makes the game better. The only thing that I don't like about this game is the fact that you can only play the Grand Prix single-player.

#2: Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party for the Switch is the best Mario Party game I've played. Finally you can play as Bowser in the main game!! I like the boards. My favorite course is Megafruit Paradise, but I love Kamek's Tower too.

#3: Mario Kart Tour

I like the "tour" factor of this game, and also the wide range of playable characters. I like the whole Pipe concept too, besides the fact that I keep getting things I already have almost every time.

#4: Super Mario World

At first, Super Mario World was my #1 top favorite Super Mario game. That changed when I reached the end, where I saw Peach kissing Mario (YUCK) and it moved down to #4.

#5: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Last but not least, this game is one of the best. (Yes, you can still play as Blue Toad!) The game has good graphics, and is full of fun and hard levels. The world map is huge, full of secrets and I totally love it. The only reason it's #5 is because it couldn't beat the rest for me.

How I love Super Mario

I have loved the Super Mario series ever since I played Mario Kart on the Wii. After that, I downloaded the original Super Mario Bros and watched the show. Now, I have the Switch and play games like Mario Maker 2 and Mario Tennis Aces. I have the Wii hooked up in my basement so that I could play the game that started it all.

The Goods and the Bads

I do love everything about Super Mario, but there are a few things that I HATE. OK, you might disagree...

The Goods

I can't start this out negative, so let's start with the Goods. Here they are:

- The Koopas
- Mega Mushrooms
- Bowser's Castle
- Rainbow Road

If you don't understand what I mean, I mean that those things are my favorite parts of the series.

The Bads

Now it's time for the negative part. There are some things of the series that are just, uh, I don't like. Here they are:

- Peach kissing Mario
- Peach in general!
- Good Guys always win
- Getting a GAME OVER