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first,i would just like to take the time to say...

MKAGP2Mario.pngSonic pose 83.png MARIO pwn SONIC

My Favorite characters:

Anyway, I call myself TheGreenman for a couple of reasons. One, my favorite color is green, and well, I'm a guy. also Luigi is a man who wears green and I use him in all Mario Platformers, sports, karts, parties, and all SSB games. I think he is better thamn Mario and have more of his own games than just Luigi's Mansion. So, yeah.

i am trying to spread the word: Axel McDonald!! He is a combination of axel from the Kingdom Hearts sreies + Ronald McDonald!! So take a picture of Axel, and one of Ronald McDonald, glue the head of Axel on to Ronald McDonald's and post it on to the internet! Oh, and tell your friends about him too. My video of him is seen here: