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Hello everyone! Welcome to the main page of the translation effort for WarioWare Gold's Japanese cutscenes known as the Gorgeous Project, which comes from the Japanese name of WarioWare Gold, Made In Wario: Gorgeous. Many of the cutscenes in Japanese have their differences from the English ones, so I am creating this project to not only practice my translation, but also have everyone enjoy these cutscenes in their glory.

Here is the catalogue of cutscenes. If the link to a cutscene is red, it is not done yet.


It's Me-WARIO! (Prologue)

Wario Bowl

This Is Mash League!

This Is Mash League! (Ending 1)

This Is Mash League! (Ending 2)

This Is Twist League!

This Is Twist League! (Ending 1)

This Is Twist League! (Ending 2)

This Is Touch League!

This Is Touch League! (Ending 1)

This Is Touch League! (Ending 2)

Night on the Town

Night on the Town (Ending)

Search for Style

Search for Style (Ending)

Cool Cabbies

Cool Cabbies (Ending)

Time to Sparkle

Time to Sparkle (Ending)

Summon the Courage

Summon the Courage (Ending)

Paranormal Frequencies

Paranormal Frequencies (Ending)

Game to Rap

Game to Rap (Ending)

Star Scientist

Star Scientist (Ending)

True Ninjas

True Ninjas (Ending)

Math Quest

Math Quest (Ending)

Precious Prancers

Precious Prancers (Ending)


Gigantaburger (Ending)

I Love Gold!

Nap Time


Practice Makes Perfect

Snack Time

Wakey Wakey!

Dance Floor Dilemma

Dance Floor Dilemma (Ending)

It's a Potluck

It's a Potluck (Ending)

Who Is Wario Deluxe?

Luxeville's Greatest Hero

Let's Split

A Hero's Journey (Epilogue)