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image= Image:dan_phantom.jpg | caption = Dark Danny | comic_color =background:#c0c0c0 | character_name = Dark Danny | real_name = formally Daniel "Danny" Fenton | publisher = Nickelodeon (TV channel)|Nickelodeon | debut = "The Ultimate Enemy" | age = Possibly 24, though looks and sounds older. | creators = Butch Hartman | alliance_color =background: #ffc0c0 | status = Active, though trapped in a Fenton Thermos, no longer affected by time | alliances = None. Former leader of Team Phantom | previous_alliances = | aliases = Dan Phantom, Danny's jerky older self, Phantom, The Ultimate Enemy | relatives = Jack and Maddeline "Maddie" Fenton (parents, deceased), Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton (sister, deceased), Danny Phantom (character)|Daniel "Danny" Fenton/Phantom (former past self), Danielle "Dani" Fenton/Phantom (former past self's clone/"cousin", though has not met her yet), Alicia (aunt) | powers = Has all the same powers as Danny and Vlad, and more}}

Dark Danny is a villain in Danny Phantom; an evil full-ghost version of Danny Phantom (character)|Danny Phantom. Dark Danny first appeared in "The Ultimate Enemy" which was both a TV movie and the first Danny Phantom video game for the Game Boy Advance.



The Ultimate Enemy

In an alternate timeline when Danny chooses to cheat on a special test that is supposed to determine his future, his friends, family and teahcer pay the price when they die in an explosion at the Nasty Burger. Following the accident, Danny moved in with his arch enemy, Vlad Plasmius|Vlad. Despite the history of animosity between the two halfas, Vlad treated Danny with a great deal of sympathy. Completely taken over by the grief, Danny had Vlad separate his human and ghost halves. During the procedure, the separated Danny Phantom suddenly become malevolent. He then forcibly removed Vlad's ghost-half and merged with it, turning into Dark Danny.

After murdering the human Danny Fenton, Dark Danny unleashed a ten year period of pain and destruction not just on Earth, but in the Ghost Zone as well now that he had no human emotions left. When Danny met his evil future self, he tried the best he could to save his friends and family from the tragic accident that would eventually have him grow up to become his own worst enemy. Though Danny was able to defeat Dark Danny, he seemingly failed to save everyone and change the future. Luckily for him, Clockwork foresaw all this and saved Danny's loved ones at the last minute, sending Danny back in time to when the test began, and giving him a second chance at changing his future.

Dark Danny was trapped in Danny's Fenton Thermos, which was given to Clockwork after the battle. Although he was captured in the present, Dark Danny now exists outside of time, opening the possibility that he might return.

Toxica's Bonus Stage

TBSking/Episode 38. Enter Dan Phantom


Unlike all of Danny's other enemies, Dark Danny has no guilt or conscience - he is pure evil, and he is willing to even kill to get what he wants. His personality is like a combination of both Danny and Vlad's since he is the fusion result of their two ghost halfs, only difference is without his human self Dark Danny has completely lost his humanity. He was not originally revealed to be a villain in the advertisements for The Ultimate Enemy, due to the shock factor of Danny becoming evil.


Physicially, Dark Danny is very musular and has some features of Danny's face, as well as a mullet, pale green-blue skin, flaming white hair, red eyes with pupils, pointed ears, sharp vampire teeth, and a serpent-like forked tongue. His uniform consists of Danny's pants, belt and boots, Vlad's gloves, goatee, a shirt with a black Y-shaped on his chest that has his "D" emblem, and an intimidating white cape. Dark Danny is likely 24 years old, as Danny is 14 in the past, and since "The Ultimate Enemy" takes place 10 years after the accident, he is 10 years "older" than Danny.


Technically speaking, if Vlad and Danny's ghost selves merged, then Vlad's ghost self should be the dominant one since he is more powerful than Danny. However, in this case, Danny's ghost self remains to be more dominant as it is apparent in both Dark Danny's appearance and personality. The only part of Vlad's ghost self that seems to have taken over Danny's ghost self completely is his evil mind-set.

In the episode Identity Crisis, Danny and his ghost self were separated by a device created to capture ectoplasmic energy, resulting in the birth of the lazy human Danny Fenton, and the heroic ghost Danny Phantom. However, after being separated for a while, the two willingly rejoined into one being. Thus it is never fully explained why Danny's ghost self was completely evil in this movie. It could be that the accident at the Nasty Burger drastically changed Danny, creating an internal conflict that allowed Vlad's ghost half to completely eliminate Danny Phantom's good side.

After Danny decides to cheat on the CAT Clockwork shows images of what happened in the alternate reality that caused the fatal accident (a fight with a villain broke the Nasty Burger boiler), while saying "his fate is sealed. However, these images show him fighting villains from the future (SkullTech & Box Lunch). If those were the villains who caused the explosion in the alternate reality, then that would mean Clockwork had a hand in the explosion. Thus, if this is the case, then the explosion is partially caused by Clockwork's meddling, which was caused by Danny's cheating, losing his family, and turning evil, which would subsequently have been caused by Clockwork's meddling, creating a paradox.

Technically, even if Dark Danny had succeeded in killing the Danny's friends and family, Danny still knew that the real reason he turned evil was that Vlad separated his ghost and human sides, which he could have stopped. Thus, the explosion was not the entire cause of his conversion, but more of a catalyst that moved it along.

Real Name

There is debate on what this character's real name is. In The Ultimate Enemy, Valerie and Skulktech 9.9 refers to him by his last name, Phantom. The end credits, Butch Hartman, and call him Dark Danny, while the game calls him Dan Phantom, which might not be considered Canon (fiction)|canon, since Jack once called Danny "Dan". Then again, he never does introduce himself by name, so his true name may yet be unknown. The most logical answer is that his name is Dark Danny, considering Butch Hartman, the creator of the series, named him as such. He became Dark Danny by Danny's Phantom half merging with Vlad's Plasmius half.There's no trace of Danny in him so I doubt he still calls himself Danny even if he does still carry the emblem Sam made for him.Killing his human half among other things further supports this.So it's logical that he'd shorten his name to just Phantom(which is implied by skultech and Valerie)or changed it to "Phantom Plasmius" especially since he takes a lot more after Plasmius than Phantom now.

Ghost Powers

Since he became Dark Danny by merging with Vlad's ghost self, he has all of Vlad's and Danny's combined powers at his disposal. This makes him stronger than both Danny and Vlad, and apparently stronger than any other villain. He has both gained completely new abilities as well as increased the power of his past ones. Below is a complete list of his currently known abilities:

Seen Attacks

  1. Ghost Sense – Dark Danny can sense nearby ghosts. When he does, a wisp of red ectoplasm comes out of his nose. It even works when his younger self is coming. This is most likely due to the fact that he is a fusion of Vlad's ghost half too.
  2. Wiktionary:intangibility|Intangibility & Invisibility - Standard ghost powers.
  3. Flying/Floating/Hovering - Standard ghost powers.
  4. Paranormal Strength, Speed, Agility and Durability - Dark Danny is obviously far more durable than Danny or Vlad. He can even survive the blast of a Tracker (Valerie Gray) as seen in the show.
  5. Overshadowing/Possession - Standard ghost powers.
  6. Ectoplasmic Energy Blast - "Ghost Ray" - His blast is composed of green ectoplasm; it is stronger than Danny and Vlad's ghost blasts.
  7. Wall Walking – Dark Danny, as well as many other ghosts, can walk on uneven and vertical surfaces as though they were horizontal. Most likely this is an application of his flying/hovering ability.
  8. Ghost Stinger – Dark Danny uses this pseudo-electric attack to cause damage.
  9. Ectoplasmic Energy Shield - "Ghost Shield" - His shield, composed of green ectoplasm, takes the form of a wall and is much stronger than Danny or Vlad's shield.
  10. Ghostly Wail - In The Ultimate Enemy, Dark Danny develops the unique ability to generate an extremely powerful shriek from his vocal cords and mouth, a bit like a Banshee's wail. It can cause terrible pain to ghosts and damage tangible matter. It sounds like moaning ghosts. This technique is Dark Danny's most powerful attack, and he's able to use it more then once without losing any energy, unlike Danny who could only use it once or twice but afterwards would quickly be drained of his energy and revert back to his human form. After Danny was thrown in the Ghost Zone, he also gained this abillty. When he uses this attack on Dark Danny, he is totally shocked because Dark Danny doesn't learn that ability until ten years later. This shows that Dark Danny has indeed changed the past, and by doing so, he winds up giving Danny a new ability over Vlad Plasmius|Vlad Masters.
  11. Shapeshifting/Disguise - Dark Danny is able to assume the appearance of his younger self, without interfering with the use of his other powers. His disguise is later stripped away by the Fenton Peeler.

Vlad Powers

  1. Duplication - Dark Danny can create about five doubles, possibly a few more. These doubles can be invisible when made, and can be made in his disguise. Though it's possible the fifth double was a mistake on the show.
  2. Ectoplasmic Shaping - Dark Danny is capable of forming binds and ropes out of ectoplasm.
  3. Teleportation - Dark Danny isn't seen to be able to use this power, but since he has Vlad's combined powers he most likely can perform this ability.
  4. Ectoplasmic Energy Absorption and Projection - Dark Danny isn't seen to be able to use this power, but since he has Vlad's combined powers he most likely can perform this ability.

New Attacks

There can some attacks that neither Danny or Vlad can do at this time.

  1. Shapeshifting – Dark Danny took on the form of Danny Fenton in order to disguise his appearance. It can be assumed that this ability covers all humanoid creatures, as well, though it is possible Phantom could transform into Danny due to his connection with him.
  2. Ghost Portal Creation- he can create temporary portals into the ghost zone by merely waving his hand.
  3. Immobilization - freeze a person by touching or facing his hand at them.
  4. Ectoplasmic Goo - shoot ecto goo like Spider-Man's webs.
  5. Advanced Spectral Manipulation – Dark Danny has gained the ability to change the shape of his body. Among these occasions include stretching along the waistline, creating holes in his stomach, temporarily vaporizing his middle, and turning his head 180 degrees.
  6. Gaseous Form – Dark Danny was able to transform into an ectoplasmic gas in order to be able to dodge the future Valerie's bombs. Normally they would stop him even in his intangible form.
  7. Intangibility Fusion – Dark Danny was able to fuse one of Clockwork's time medallions into Danny through the use of his intangibility powers. While fused, the object inserted is unreachable by human or ghost abilities; it can, however, be removed through the use of special equipment (I.E., the Ghost Gauntlets).
  8. Sleep Beam - Dark Danny was able to shoot Jazz with a "sleep beam", but it didn't hurt her like an ordinary beam; it just knocked her out.

Dark Danny's weakness

If Dark Danny has any weaknesses, it's that he seriously underestimated his younger self. In addition, he has the handicap of being unable to kill his past, heroic self for fear of putting his existence in danger. He got defeated when present-time Danny, determined to save his family and friends from his own future incarnation, suffered blow after crushing blow and ultimately managed to suck Dark Danny down with the Fenton Thermos. However, since Dark Danny now exists outside the time stream, he is no longer hindered by what becomes of present-time Danny. Since he has largely forgotten his human life, he no longer remembers any of the Fenton Inventions. Since he is a full ghost now, the Inventions are more effective against him, but because of his tremendous powers, they still can't harm him as severely as they normally would on other ghosts.


  • Although Dark Danny has none of his former human self left, he still has the emblem that Sam made in "Memory Blank"
  • Dark Danny is the first villain in the entire Danny Phantom series who has ever killed anyone, human or ghost. Although Vlad Plasmius has tried to kill off Jack and Maddie Fenton|Jack Fenton, he has never succeeded.
  • When Butch Hartman was creating The Ultimate Enemy, he wanted to mix in the time travel episode he wanted to do, with Danny battling a pure evil ghost, realizing just because he is pure evil doesn't mean he will be Danny's ultimate enemy. After Control Freaks came, he realized the worst enemy for Danny Phantom (character)|Danny Phantom would be an evil version of himself.
  • According to some DP fans, Dark Danny is the most evil Nicktoon villain ever conceived.
  • Dark Danny is the first "alternate Danny" who would never have existed if Danny never had ghost powers. The second was Danny's clone/cousin Dani Phantom.
  • Dark Danny is the first villain who attempted to kill Danny's friends and family (and his teacher who was there by accident), the second would be Freakshow (Danny Phantom)|Freakshow in the third TV movie, Reality Trip.