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Welcome to my user page! I'm Superyoshi42 but you that! So get ready for some readin'!

About this guy

Age:It's over 9000!!!!

Favorite console:Wii

Private stuff:None of Your Business!!!!

Favorite Character:Baby Mario

Random:Pickled Cabbage


One day... On a island known to Yoshis a yoshi egg-like spaceship landed on a yoshi. The ship opened and inside was a baby Electroyoshi an alien mixture of Electrogoomba and yoshi. The Sun gave him incredible powers. His powers include

1.Lazer Tongue

2.Electro Ground Pound

3.Explosive Eggs

and many more! So he bacame the new Superyoshi,Superyoshi42!


Alter ego File:PM2 Yoshi.PNG

In disguise

File:Yoshi kids.PNG



Moved to Isle Delfino


He is part Electrogoomba