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Hello and I am supermarioandyoshi2...and this is my user page, so have fun! if you wish to talk to me go here--> Usertalk:Supermarioandyoshi2.

status:I'm not on the wiki much these days.



- ps3 - wii - ds lite - 3ds - Xbox 360 with kinect

games for each

ps3- little big planet, force unleashed 1&2, lego star wars 3, skylanders, Lego potc

wii- (i have a lot so i'll just say my favorites) mario party 8, super mario galaxy 1&2, New super Mario bros wii dkc returns, wii fit plus, wii sports, that's all i can remember for the Wii.

3ds- Super Mario 3D Land Mario Kart 7 Skylanders : Spyros adventure Skylanders: Dark Spyro Gill grunt Zap Voodood Ignitor Chop Chop Stealth Elf Hex Bash Slam Bam

Xbox: No games belong to me

ds lite- Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-land Mayhem!, Lego Battles, New Super Mario bros,

the story

once mario & luigi were playing video games. then a toad named tucker came saying his toliet was broken. the 2 plumbers got thier gear and went to fix the toliet. then when they were fixing the toliet they got sucked into a trap set by bowser. donkey kong was trapped as well. then they were delivered to bowser in cages. mario picked the locks and the 3 allies set off on a big adventure in Super Smash Bros 4 land.

                      The End

wiki remember i'm kinda new but if you wish to comment on this page come to my talk page....the awesome-->--Supermarioandyoshi2 17:26, 23 November 2011 (EST)