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Hi, I'm Superdaisygirl! My main role on here is to keep the facts straight about the female characters like Peach, Daisy, etc, and the more infamous characters. Anyway, if you want to chat, just leave a message on my talk page!

I'm Back!

Hey! I was gone for a few years, due to my becoming unobsessed, but my friend got me Super Mario Galaxy for my birthday a while ago, so I am obsessed again! And determined to be a better contributor than ever! Unfortunately, I'm now nearing the end of high school, which means that I have a very busy schedule and might not be able to edit as much as I used to. But hey, at least I'm here!

Discussion Message

Sorry, but I might not be getting rid of the Welcome Message soon. I know this is going to get annoying but you can still leave a message underneath the box if you need to.