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Super Red Yoshi
It's-a me Super Red Yoshi.
“You'll pay for this Black Thunder!”
Super Red Yoshi, Super Red Yoshi Bros.

Hello! I am Super Red Yoshi! I am a hero just like Mario. I stopped the evil lord, Black Thunder from making ruin out of Yoshi's Island. But that is a different story...

My past

Long, long, ago when I was only a baby, Yoshi was the hero. I lived in the mountains with my parents. You might of already heard this story, about the Yoob attacking Yoshi's island. But what happened was that my parents got kidnapped by Black Thunder. He put the Yoob eggs there to distract the hero, Yoshi while he kidnapped Yoshis. I got so mad at him that I hit him upside the head with a pan. He got mad at me and he made a black cloud appear(called Darkness) to attack me. Well, what did I do? I hit him upside the head with a pan again. That's what I did. Then, he left, leaving all the kidnapped yoshis in peace.

Black Thunder riding on his cloud, Darkness.

How I Became a Hero

When I was older,(8)Black Thunder, and his evil cloud, Darkness came back to take over Yoshi's Island. But I, Super Red Yoshi has been prepared for that for 5 years.(ever since I was 3)Anyway, he came with his cloud to Yoshi's Island. When he saw me said in a angry voice, "You'll pay for that!" I guess he never forgot that a 2 year old, well, that 2 year old was me, beat a evil lord. Well, I was even surprized too when I did that. Then he made a huge tornado! It almost ruined the whole island! But that didn't stop me. I got a giant fan and blew it right into Black Thunder and his cloud! It was so strong that it blew him away about 100 miles!(I don't even know how) Then, Yoshi the hero gave me a hero's necklace and that's how my destiny began... Storm Yoshi sig.png


More coming soon! This just happened! I'm 8 right now!