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A Monitor is a position that Super Mario Bros. (talk) proposed.

Many users ask why we would even need a position that is basically like a souped-up user or a Patroller with less power...

The Monitors would aid the Patrollers performing their duties and would have rollback duties. They would also help keep the wiki up to date and could therefore speed it up and increase the quality of the wiki. Also, they could relate to regular users as they do not have too many responsibilities, and could therefore help around less experienced users.

Also, if a user has potential to become a Patroller, but is not yet ready for the position, the Monitor position could help train those users to have more qualities of a Patroller.

What's different

If the position were to be added, Monitors would have the following powers and/or responsibilities:

  • Keeping the wiki up to date.
  • Helping out less experienced wiki users.
  • Reverting pages quickly. Note that any user can reverse damage done to a page or an article; Monitors can use a special feature called rollback, which is faster than editing it the "regular" way.