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Hello Everyone!I'm a HUUUGE mario game fan,and the series i like the best are yoshi series,mario series,mario party series and mario kart series.I'm also a Retro Gamer, and i love Retro Mario Games!The Three Best mario games i have are 3#:Super Mario Sunshine,#2:Mario Party 5,#1:...Yoshi's Story!I really like Koopa Troopa and Yoshi and even draw my own comics.Did you know the first time mario appeared was in the arcade version of Donkey Kong,In 1981?enough about me...Now my favorites on the mario games!

Favourite Characters

# Name Image
1. Koopa Troopa NSMB Green Koopa Troopa Artwork.png
2. Yoshi Yoshistory2.png
3. Boo 200px
4. Chain Chomp ChainChompMP8.png
5. Luma's SMG GreenLuma.jpg
6. Shy Guy 200px
7. Hammer Bro. 250px
8. Mario WingMarioSM64DS.png
9. Luigi
10. Mini Mario(toy)
11. Toad 180px
12. Dry Bones MP8 DryBones.png
13. Lakitu Lakitu.jpg
14. Goomba 200px
15. Mini Bowser(known as Koopa Kid in NTSC regions) 200px

My Mario Games

<gallery> File:Donkey Kong NES Cover.PNG 275px File:260px-Super Mario 64 box cover.jpg File:MP2BOX.PNG File:YS Cover.jpg File:MP5BOX.PNG File:200px-Super mario sunshine.jpg File:Super Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpg File:Smg2boxart.png File:MP8Box.jpg File:SMAS 25th EUR contents.jpg File:NSMBWAUBoxart.jpg File:MarioKartWiiEuDVDcover.jpg File:Bowsersinsidestorycover.jpg File:MSOWGDScover.PNG File:Nds-mariokart-jap.jpg File:MPDSNA.jpg File:Mvsdk2motmcoverart.jpg File:MvsDKMLM.jpg File:NewSuperMarioBrothers.jpg File:Sm64ds.jpg File:YI2boxart.jpg

My Nintendo Consoles