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Ciao Kuupas and mashruums!! =D

It's me...Super Caterina! Did you know that also the koopas have their own hero?? NO?? Well, now you know her: I AM the superofficial and beloved hero of Darkland! I help king Bowser to make his wishes come true and I protect his allies from the the Evil Moustached Heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom (The so called Mario Bros!X<)! When I was a child, I was the only one known to got the Dark Star as spirit and heart, instead of being a "normal star baby" like the others. Even if the other heroes of the Mushroom World have lost their own pure power given from their Star, I still have this power and it's really a great help for me! It makes me be more dangerous for the mushroom people...gyahahah!! When I was a child, I have been found by the Moustached Evils for case and I have been grown for some year right by them!! That was not my Destiny!!! In fact, when I started growing up, I knew I had to change my ideas and I thought that someone else needed me...So I joined the side of Koopas.=D Even if the koopas are seen as the "evil ones", they have demonstered many times to be very brave, dreamer and sometimes...stubborn! But I perfectly reflect myself into these(eccept that I have no shell>>)!

In real life I have the same oigins of Mario and Luigi...But I am 100% Italian! I am born in a little town in Italy and I still live there (even if I go to Darkland vey often, when they need my help ;)). Due to the fact that my mother language is Italian, I would like very much to give my Italian contribute to this site, also because I haven't seen any information about the Italian versions on the Mario wiki. In fact you may know that since the arrival of Game Cube the Super Mario games have been translated also in my mother-language under evry aspect! The names of the charcaters, of the lands, of the minigames, etc. have ALL their own Italian name! For example, the latest worst enemy of the brothers you call Fawful, by us is known as "Sogghigno" (and it means literally evil lough) and many others!!

These days I will start translating into Italian all the names you can see in Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy! It will be very interesting...^^