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SuperYoshi1234 (Known as KoopaHammerman until... um... I can't remember! Then known as Super Elite Army Hammer Bro until November 16, 2013, then known as Super Elite Yoshi until October 1, 2016.
Birthday: TOP SECRET
Gender: Male
Favorite Game: Super Mario Maker
Least Favorite Game: Super Mario Sunshine (because of its rage factor)
Homeland: Yoshi's Island
Pokémon Go team: Mystic

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Wow... you're actually reading this page?! I'm a bit flattered... are you sure you're not here by mistake? Wow! I actually have fans! Um, anyway...

I'm SuperYoshi1234, a casual gamer who sucks at fighting in Smash and Minecraft. Video games I like; Minecraft, Pokemon, Mario (who doesn't? I think an idiot), Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. (entire series, even though I'm incompetent at online play)

I absolutely LOVE video game music (it's 50 times better than the garbage people call "music" these days,) and my favorite soundtracks are ones from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Super Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros., (whole series!), Color Splash, and many more. I'm just too lazy to type them all.

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Favorite Mario Characters (not listed in order...)

Super Mario Maker Levels (under construction)

Shameless advertising! Play my levels here! If you like 'em, feel free to star! Feedback is always welcome! Be sure to leave a comment saying the Mario Wiki brought you there!

(NOTE: These are not all my levels; you think I have THAT much time on my hands? These are only some of my favorites. After typing in my level code, click on my Mii to see all my other levels. Feel free to follow.)

(ANOTHER NOTE: Difficulty is not based on clear rate; there are noobs who play my levels that don't even know there is a run feature. Thus, I based level difficulty off of how hard it was for me to upload the level.)

Level Name Level Code Description Difficulty
The TRUE Impossible Level! 32B0-0000-025A-65A8 The hardest level you'll ever play. Harder than U-Break, Val's Shellspace, and Renasu Memory Trial combined!!!!1!!1 10/10
Bringing Back Bad Memories (D-4) D3EE-0000-028E-B9C2 A recreation of D-4 from Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. Except it's a bit easier. 7/10
Mini-Puzzle #8: Simple 5060-0000-01E5-95C6 I love one-screen puzzles; that's why I made a lot of them. I tried to make this easy; no such luck. 5/10
M&TLL 1-1: A Journey Begins... BBB9-0000-025D-E2D6 I'm still scratching my head as to why the level's clear rate isn't at least 85%. M&TLL stands for Mario and the Lost Levels, a discontinued level series of mine. Who knows, maybe I'll reboot the series with 1-3. Pink Coins act as Star Coins. 0/10
Anime Annihilation 283B-0000-0217-822A I've always hated anime. Seeing some random anime girl as a costume in this game made my hatred worse. Here, you get to kill Chitoge. It never fails to bring a smile to my face. 3/10
Logic Gates In SMM!(comments on) 4778-0000-01F0-5E38 I did my best to recreate all 7 logic gates into this game. Hooray. I'm questioning the levle's clear rate, as there is no way to die (except by the timer, but the level isn't that long.) 0/10
Inferno Castle 5D43-0000-01EE-FB08 I'm working on a better version to perfect this level. It's my most starred, and got featured on the leaderboards under "Star Ranking" once. When the better version is online, I'll add that to the table. 4/10
Mini-Puzzle #13: Shell Shock C437-0000-024C-DEA7 Only 5 people managed to beat this one-screen puzzle... 9/10
1K SPECIAL: Crushing Citadel 0B04-0000-024B-9B1F I hit 1000 stars! Yay! Like Inferno Castle, I'm working on a better version. 7/10
Tank Terror Reborn 8043-0000-01D9-55DD One of my first levels was Tank Terror, which was a pretty big hit. I had to remake it with checkpoints and progressive power-ups to make it even better; so I did that. Both levels were inspired by Super Mario Bros. 3. 4/10
Pollution Pond DDCC-0000-01A8-C848 This level was my first underwater level. I was worried that people wouldn't like it, but it even stayed on the star ranking for a solid week sometime in June or July; I can't remember. 5/10
Bowser's Bomb Run C76B-0000-0175-9271 This level was unique because you have to run through the level quickly before the ground blows up, causing you to fall into lava. 4/10
Minecraft Reborn 49FB-0000-01C2-FD7E My very first level that I made was called Minecraft. I wanted to remake it and make it more interesting. I messed around with semi-solids until I had a good looking jungle biome (unlike the original, which looked more like a savannah now that I think about it) and made enterable houses. 3/10