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--Sugar 16:54, 27 September 2009 (EDT)I'm T.K. Harris! I'm 9 years old and I love to learn about God, Jesus, and other new things. My mother used to be a police officer but she quit because of my birth and now Social Security gives her money. She is 43 years old. I have a grandmother that is 81 years and wise. I have 2 cute kitties named Eddie and Shadow, and 2 cute dogs named Baby and Cujo. I'm in 4th grade and my favorite toy is a Lambchop puppet that I love to death. I'm an only child on my mother's side but on my father's side, I have a younger sister named Brae and a younger brother named T.J.. Some people say that I am smarter than the average child and I don't repeat curse words that I hear and learn about. I enjoy collecting crystals, being computer wise, and dressing in elegant clothes. I also enjoy playing Mario Kart Wii. My favorite foods are desserts, fruits, vegetables, and certain types of meat. My favorite drinks are milkshakes, fruit juice, soda, Kool-Aid, and sometimes water. I'm sometimes active and sometimes calm. My favorite sports are ballet, swimming, basketball and karate. I'm wealthy and spoiled meaning (I get whatever my heart desires). I believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, God, and Jesus. The last thing I've got to say is that I have a sweet personality.