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Hey guys, I have a youtube account first of all, it's

MY wii FRIEND CODES: brawl friend code: 0431-2283-7097 friends 16/64 nickname:Stcup Mario kart wii friend code 3910-1519-4836 friends 13/30 nickname:Luigi/Cheif Jose Mario strikers charged 356668-307019

Some characters i want to see I'm SSB #4 PEPPY HARE Funky Kong King K. Rool Waluigi Roy Dr. Mario Leon (Star fox) Shadow Samus

Lyrics of a great song: I heard legends of this person. How he plunged into enemy terrority. How he saved his homeland. I've heard legends of that person. How he traveled beneath the land reducing all he touched into rubble. I've heard legends of that person. Revered by many- I too revere him. Feared by many- I too, fear him. Now, that person. Stand at my side. Now that person stands at my side. Now my friends are with me. Some of them were once heroes. Some, my mortal enemies. And as we face each other in battle, locked in combat. We shine ever brighter

My Top 5 favourite characters in Super smash bros brawl 1. Mr.Game and Watch 2. R.O.B. 3.Ganondorf 4.Yoshi 5.Fox

Favourite character in mario kart wii: yoshi

If you ever want to play me on any of those 3 games, email me on OR or contact me about it on youtube