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Hi! My name is Jackson, but sometimes my friend Toby is on here. If any of you guys could tell me how to post pics than could you. No offense, but Mario wiki didn't do very well at that. Thanks to all ya.

I'm the smarter one and Toby is the jokester. I'm 13 and Toby is 12. I'm a way bigger Mario/Nintendo fan and Toby just started playing Nintendo games

A note from Jackson:

I'm a huge Nintendo fan and I love the Mario franchise! They are with out a doubt my favorite games ever! My favorite series in the franchise (in order) include the Mario Platforming series both 2D and 3D, Paper Mario series, Mainly TTDY and the upcoming Sticker Star and the Mario Kart series Mainly the newer ones like MK Wii and MK7. I've always dreamed of creating games in those three series and work very hard in school to achieve the goal of being pro at math. I'm in 7th grade, but do 9th grade work. My personal favorite Mario games are Super Mario 3D Land and Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. The Mario series has been with me. I love playing the games, buying the merchandise, and learning more about the series thanks to "Super Mario Wiki" I own two Gameboys, GBA, Gamecube, DS, Wii, PC, and 3DS. I've already scrapped enough money ($250) for the Wii U and can't wait for it. Besides Mario I also love the Pikmin series, the Pokemon series, the Super Smash Bros. series, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. I really want to give one more thanks to Super Mario Wiki and to the greatest game company of all, Nintendo!

A note from Toby:

I began playing Mario games in 2010 and ever since have loved them. It all started when I moved to Reno, Nevada. At first I thought that moving sucked. When I got out of the moving van I stared at the giant house that was now my house. Not to brag, but my dad and Jackson's dad have always been kind of rich. Next to my house was a mansion with a wicked pool in the backyard. I noticed a boy my age walk over with his dad. They wanted to help us unload and invited us to a pool party. I was super excited to enter that pool so of course I was thrilled. I remember than that Jackson walked up to me and asked a question I will never forget, "Do you play video games?" I was relieved that my neighbor knew the glory of gaming. I told him yes. We just talked and talked until we entered his room. At first I was worried 'cause of all the Nintendo merchandise. But after one year I learned the wonders of Nintendo. My personal favorite games are Paper Mario TTDY than Mincraft. I own a Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and a PC. Thank you Super Mario Wiki and thanks to the best game company of all, Nintendo!