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Let's see... I've not too much in the way of Personal Information to share. I am Matt(BKA: Spyder Z) and I came across this site while researching information for my Fanfic. I'll look around a bit, and when I see things that need done(And I've actually got some time) I'll contribute. Otherwise, this is primarily a source of information for me...(Though like I've already done, I'll have to kick in and fix any errors I see, so.... as I get further into my fic, it's likely that I'll be much more active than I originally intened... Ah well. ;) ) Well I looked about and linking to personal outside projects doesn't seem to be against the rules so...

Mario: It's all in the Hat

This is a Fanfiction that I'm working on in the hopes of turning it into a small admission piece for DigiPen University... Well at least that's how it started. Now It's just a story that I happen to like, and will be finishing(Eventually) It centers around Mario losing to Bowser and somehow losing his prowess in the process. That's all I can describe for now. You'll have to read it for details(And I'll have to add to it before it's got enough meat that describing it won't ruin it. ;) )